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British government relents to lawmakers' pressure with pledge to publish Brexit forecasts https://t.co/uRFNl1UDfx
Australia arrests three on terrorism charges in Melbourne https://t.co/Na0R0AxB7e
Exclusive: After Khashoggi murder, some Saudi royals turn against king’s favorite son https://t.co/AhEMhYOtuB
Clashes resume in Yemen's Hodeidah after Houthis say open to truce https://t.co/74o85XGorO
Big foreign cyber attack targets Italian certified email accounts https://t.co/RTgxJ2Dow0
Two dead, several missing in Portugal road collapse https://t.co/917V5fWS7b
EU open to Iran sanctions after foiled France, Denmark plots: diplomats https://t.co/C5CUJhA12b
Taliban say no pact struck with U.S. on deadline to end Afghan war https://t.co/0rc8LiTdEJ
Northern Irish DUP fail to back UK PM May in finance bill votes https://t.co/izd4zszYpn
France says to decide soon on sanctions over Khashoggi killing https://t.co/AYqSWX2Vs6
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