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uk lawmakers who want no deal brexit must now back may minister
UK lawmakers who want no-deal Brexit must now back May: minister
uk lawmakers who want no deal brexit must now back may minister

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@TIME 2 hours
president trump joined by first lady and easter bunny kicks off white house easter egg roll
President Trump, joined by First Lady and Easter Bunny, kicks off White House Easter Egg Roll
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@MSNBC 2 hours
breaking following release of the redacted mueller report house judiciary chairman nadler issues a subpoena to
BREAKING: Following release of the redacted Mueller report, House Judiciary Chairman Nadler issues a subpoena to former Trump White House Counsel McGahn "for testimony and documents."

Details now live on #MTPDaily.
Press Association
kensington palace has released images of prince louis taken by his mother the duchess of cambridge at their ho
Kensington Palace has released images of Prince Louis taken by his mother, the Duchess of Cambridge, at their home in Norfolk earlier this month, to mark his first birthday on Tuesday
Reuters Top News
leader of armed group at us border boasted of assassination training fbi
Leader of armed group at U.S. border boasted of assassination training: FBI
AFP news agency
breaking north korea confirms kim soon to visit russia according to state media
#BREAKING North Korea confirms Kim "soon" to visit Russia, according to state media
GMA News
@gmanews 2 hours
president duterte orders cancellation of work in govt offices in metro manila today april 23 directs earthqua
#WalangPasok : President Duterte orders cancellation of work in gov’t offices in Metro Manila today, April 23; directs earthquake affected provincial governors to assess damage and take necessary measures to ensure public safety. | via@Joseph_Morong
chelsea manning is a political prisoner held in prison to torture her into taking part in a political persecut
Chelsea Manning is a political prisoner - held in prison to torture her into taking part in a political persecution against #Assange and @wikileaks.
Ignoring this is a crime of complicity.
Lou Dobbs
be with us the radical dimms and deep state conspired to overthrow s presidency the mueller report vindicates
Be with us- The radical Dimms and Deep State conspired to overthrow @realDonaldTrump’s presidency. The Mueller report vindicates @POTUS. Now Radical Dimms & Deep State must pay for their crimes. Join Lou top of the hour. #MAGA #AmericaFirst #Dobbs
The Daily Edge
rex tillerson says trump asked him to do illegal things as secretary of state impeachdonaldtrump
Rex Tillerson says Trump ‘asked him to do illegal things’ as secretary of state #ImpeachDonaldTrump
The Int'l Spectator
share of population living at below 55 a day nigeria 921 india 868 ethiopia 847 bangladesh 845 pakistan 795 in
Share of population living at below $5.5 a day.

Nigeria: 92.1%
India: 86.8%
Ethiopia: 84.7%
Bangladesh: 84.5%
Pakistan: 79.5%
Indonesia: 62.3%
Egypt: 61.9%
South Africa: 57.1%
Vietnam: 35.4%
Mexico: 34.8%
China: 31.5%

(World Bank)

Longer list:
Total(1) => 0.12564086914062 f_f_QM(2) => 0.1020040512085 indS(1) => 0.012360811233521 indM(1) => 0.00036787986755371 f_u_GN(1) => 0.00089812278747559 f_f_dT(11) => 0.009333610534668 f_f_pTL(1) => 0.0086870193481445