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Brexit pressure rises, but UK government says no to second vote https://t.co/jxEhevaf7k
Brexit pressure rises, but UK government says no to second vote https://t.co/jxEhevaf7k


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.@thatginamiller successfully challenged the British government’s right to implement Brexit without a vote in Parliament. She’s one of our 2019 #FPGlobalThinkers.

Read more here: https://t.co/rpBD1UhAqV
Republicans are super mad on the House floor because they say Democrats disregarded requests for a recorded vote on a government funding bill.

Steny Hoyer says they forgot to ask. Bill passed.
A second Brexit referendum would restore neither confidence nor competence in Britain, say @NickyMorgan01 #OpenFuturehttps://t.co/nsxfIZsT7as
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The British Parliament expects to vote on Brexit again on Jan. 29 following extended debate on the government's plans and possible amendments.
What is Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn's stance on a second Brexit referendum?

UK Correspondent @VinnyITV asked Corbyn this afternoon after his motion of no-confidence against Theresa May's government failed.

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Prime Minister Theresa May says Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn's demand for the Government to rule out a 'no-deal' Brexit is an "impossible condition"
Those who fear that a second Brexit referendum might lead to "neverendum " can learn from Canada's experience, say @M_Ignatieff #OpenFuturehttps://t.co/BLFZmxx5zZs
"The deal included all the disadvantages of being part of the European Union without the right to vote."

French far-right leader Marine Le Pen says "she is not surprised" May's Brexit deal was rejected, and that "there's a real possibility of a hard Brexit".
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FT editorial board says “it may well be time to go back to the people” for a second referendum on Brexit https://t.co/IVs6RxMV7M
The government suggests a second Brexit referendum would take a year to organise, in a document seen by ITV News https://t.co/9L00CTk3Eu
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