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  3. british government is not planning for second brexit vote - minister
British government is not planning for second Brexit vote - minister https://t.co/7YNUx7GNh3
British government is not planning for second Brexit vote - minister https://t.co/7YNUx7GNh3


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Exclusive: The People's Vote campaign is circulating a letter among business leaders today which calls for politicians to stop pursuing Brexit "fantasies" and back "only viable" way of avoiding no-deal (a second referendum, if you hadn't guessed). https://t.co/t4eH41vDca
Leo Varadkar: Ireland's plans for a no-deal Brexit are no longer contingency plans and are being implemented by the Government.
McConnell blocks House bill to reopen government for second time https://t.co/66gLwF7sDx
Ireland's Prime Minister Leo Varadkar says his Government will continue to work with European partners in a collective effort to conclude a Brexit agreement with the UK.
British PM Theresa May faces no-confidence vote following rejection of her #Brexit plan.

Tuesday's Brexit vote, the most overwhelming parliamentary defeat for a Prime Minister in recent British history, makes it more likely that the March 29 deadline will not be met and that a second referendum will be held https://t.co/MK0AqKu9sC
Jarvis Cocker called for a second referendum using the most perfect analogy about Brexit https://t.co/cFa0AzkYXl
Brexit: 71 Labour MPs call for party to firmly commit to second referendum - Politics live https://t.co/5crconwuxi
British PM Theresa May faces no confidence vote after historic Brexit defeat.

@bianca_nobilo reports. https://t.co/OvomUisJq6
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Second Brexit referendum: what needs to happen next for a people’s vote.

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