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Adam Schiff
the house judiciary committee just voted to hold attorney general bill barr in contempt trump and those who bl
The House Judiciary Committee just voted to hold Attorney General Bill Barr in contempt.

Trump and those who blindly serve him — like Barr — must be made to comply with our requests for information.

In absence of vigorous oversight, corruption will continue to flourish.

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Donald J. Trump
thank you msnbc real professionals chucktodd maddow
Thank you @MSNBC, real professionals! @chucktodd @maddow
Narendra Modi
began the series of interactions in osaka with an excellent meeting with my friend pm our talks covered the fu
Began the series of interactions in Osaka with an excellent meeting with my friend, PM @AbeShinzo.

Our talks covered the full range of India-Japan relations.

Extensive cooperation between India and Japan augurs well for the citizens of our countries and the entire world.
David Lipson
indonesian constitutional court rulings vote buying unfounded money politics unfounded state apparatus bias un
Indonesian Constitutional Court rulings:
- Vote buying: Unfounded
- Money Politics: Unfounded ❌
- State apparatus bias: Unfounded ❌
- Press restrictions: Unfounded ❌
Administrative violations (structured, systematic, massive fraud: Beyond its remit ❌
INC India
after the bihar catastrophe the health report released by niti aayog shows the brutal reality of our healthcar
After the Bihar catastrophe, the health report released by NITI Aayog shows the brutal reality of our healthcare system where some states have fared worse than many developing countries. We urge the govt to take immediate actions to address this crisis.

PMO India
@PMOIndia 13 minutes
the iconic hyogo house in kobe is all set to host a community programme for pm pm modi will address the progra
The iconic Hyogo House in Kobe is all set to host a Community Programme for PM @narendramodi.

PM Modi will address the programme shortly.

Several members of the Indian diaspora in Japan are attending the programme.
Paul Kagame
thank you for your warm hospitality president it was a pleasure to visit your country we look forward to this
Thank you for your warm hospitality President @SE_Rajoelina. It was a pleasure to visit your country. We look forward to this new chapter of friendship between our two nations and to enhancing our cooperation in key areas for the development of our people.
Mirror Politics
boris johnson claims odds of no deal brexit are a million to one
Boris Johnson claims odds of No Deal Brexit are a 'million to one'
@BJP4India 16 minutes
some eminent personalities from telangana join bjp in the presence of shri pmuralidharrao at bjp hq
Some eminent personalities from Telangana join BJP in the presence of Shri @PMuralidharRao at BJP HQ.
Judicial Watch ?
on the strzok page fbi emails its only because jw is willing to go to court to get info that these docs see t
.@TomFitton on the Strzok/Page FBI emails: “It’s only because JW is willing to go to court to get info that these docs see the light of day. The media is working hand-in-glove with the FBI. Also, with Congress, it’s always a political fight to get docs.”
Europe Elects
uk yougov poll european union membership referendum remain 51 5 leave 49 5 vs 17 18 february 2019 fieldwork 12
UK, YouGov poll:

European Union membership referendum

Remain: 51% (-5)
Leave: 49% (+5)

+/- vs. 17-18 February 2019

Fieldwork: 12-22 May 2019
Sample Size: 2,131
#Brexit #EP2019 #EuropeanUnion
Total(1) => 1.1099090576172 f_f_QM(3) => 0.85729908943176 indS(3) => 0.050012826919556 indM(3) => 0.72784519195557 indM_1(1) => 0.003748893737793 indM_2(1) => 0.0013329982757568 indM_4(1) => 0.0035469532012939 indM_5(1) => 0.0047760009765625 indM_6(1) => 0.0039122104644775 indM_7(1) => 0.004706859588623 indM_8(1) => 0.0026938915252686 indM_9(1) => 0.0051629543304443 indM_10(1) => 0.0050249099731445 f_u_GN(1) => 0.026983022689819 f_f_dT(11) => 0.19653844833374 f_f_pTL(2) => 0.16969275474548