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The movie Capharnaum tackles many social issues affecting Lebanese and refugees alike: child labor, early marriage, statelessness and poverty.

Its main character is played by Zain, a Syrian refugee boy: https://t.co/HV0ud6rmOD
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In a new deal, this powerful word can be a reality for more refugee families torn apart by war.

More on how a global compact can change lives: https://t.co/e95rWyNYjc
“This illness has taken a huge toll on us.”

Every two weeks, Ronia travels with two of her daughters for 10 hours to get treatment for thalassaemia. https://t.co/EUNgR5BoVe
They are scared.

They want to be safe just like you.
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Ecuador has a long tradition of welcoming refugees.

250,000 Colombians found shelter in Ecuador in the last two decades.

Now, 250,000 Venezuelans have found safety there.
Life-changing and life-saving.

135 additional refugees have been evacuated from Libya.
Some 80,000 people have been displaced as a result of the recent earthquake + tsunami in Indonesia.

We're working with the authorities to get emergency tents to families in need of shelter.
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Search and rescue capacity need to be enhanced in the Mediterranean,

UNHCR and @iom have proposed a regional arrangement that would make disembarkation and processing predictable and swift.
A new approach that lets refugees live alongside the local community in Mantapala Settlement is boosting livelihoods for all. https://t.co/N18zOjrlGl
This programme has helped 1 million refugee children enrol in primary schools 📚
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