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"The story may have become a celebrity scandal in the media, but for these women, it's a traumatic and complicated question of justice, " @leahcarroll writes.
In Vero Beach, five of the six people arrested for serious felony charges including human trafficking and racketeering were Chinese women. And three of those women were also charged with engaging in prostitution.
Michael Avenatti claims that there is a tape depicting R. Kelly engaging in multiple sex acts with a 14-year-old girl.
This was SO ambitious in a kitchen without a working sink.
Real talk: Have any of you been here? How'd you forgive? Did you?
His performance at the Oscars might not be what we expected.
Wow, the nightly cost of the hotel suite is more than we make in a year.
On Friday, the Trump Administration's Office of Population Affairs published the final text of proposed changes that will effectively block Planned Parenthood and other clinics that provide or even mention abortions from receiving federal funds.

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"@BTS_twt’s meticulously designed #LoveYourselfTear album is being recognized as an extension of their artistry and illuminates a vital but seldom talked-about tradition in the Korean music industry: album art.” #BTSxGrammys
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These nuns sell $60K worth of weed every month. Meet the Sisters of The Valley.
Eryn Gilchrist, 28, said she was "horrified and ashamed" by Republican candidate Leslie Gibson's comments about so she decided to run against him.
For most people, one bad boy is more than enough. But the female powerhouses of Korean group love to up the ante. #RedVelvet_RBB
Let's take a moment to celebrate Catherine Cortez Masto, the first latina elected to the U.S. Senate #ElectionNight
"Top tax rates used to be much higher, with top earners paying a 91% rate under President Eisenhower. Under Presidents Kennedy and Johnson, the rate was around 70%, like @Ocasio2018's prop"
“The lyrics come from deep inside me as inspiration to others and to myself to be authentic and find strength in being vulnerable,” said @tiffanyyoung of her new single #BornAgain
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