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If you think Mexico is so Great then why did you come here? Go Back. #RedNationRising #BuildTheWall #PresidentTrump
If you think Mexico is so Great then why did you come here? Go Back. #RedNationRising  #BuildTheWall #PresidentTrump
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Pelosi says she may file a legal challenge if Trump declares a national emergency
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First it was Buzzfeed, then it was Covington and now apparently Jussie Smollett. The media will run with ANYTHING, regardless of how obviously false, if it makes @realDonaldTrump and his supporters look bad. ANYTHING!!!
Call it what it is: Andrew McCabe plotted a coup to overturn results of the election via @JordanSchachtel
Amazon will pay $0 in federal income taxes on $11.2 billion in profit.
When is someone going to finally investigate the investators? If this isn’t an attempted coup I don’t know what is. Regardless of party if you’re not troubled by this, you’re part of the problem.
There is a financial literacy epidemic in America.

Quick lesson: NYC wasn’t handing cash to Amazon. It was an incentive program based on job creation, producing tax revenue.

There isn’t a $3 billion pile of money that can now be spent on subways or education.
Make no mistake, anyone who thinks they wouldn’t do this all anyway hasn’t been watching.
No media bias here: Networks spend 2,202 Minutes on Fake Russia Scandal, and Zero minutes for Senate Intelligence Committee No Collusion Report!!!

Does this mean the outraged plea today on @GMA was just acting???

Of course media and celebs jumped to conclusions despite obvious holes because they do badly needed it to be true. Sick!!!
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