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  3. “i don’t give a damn what you appreciate, agent strzok.” | #rednationrising
“I don’t give a damn what you appreciate, agent Strzok.” | #RedNationRising
“I don’t give a damn what you appreciate, agent Strzok.” | #RedNationRising


I always ask myself where you want to be what you want to do and it always come back to the same thing... write the best books that people can relate to and give them solutions to problems. You can't fathom my love to write on a variety of topics & genres https://t.co/U2sbSpsaJJ
Damn baby you'd do that to me or is that a character 4 ur book don't worry i won't run i won't hide u make me laugh make me smile bring chills over my body Come rest your head on my tattoo chest YOU are crazy u put them all to shame don't u SAY it one more time ...YOU ARE CRAZY
Well well myyyyy my i didn't plan on falling in love with u it just happened Only the Good Lord knows I don't care what anybody says OH you knew what u were doing that's Nothing but Lies... you hear me? Never Have I Ever Met Someone Like You. SOON @TaylorG64143008 via @BerryYNWA
Don't u fooking listen to them they will discourage u catch the next spaceship there are no scratches on u they lied about that too where u want to go what u want to do keep pushing haters assholes hate you even when your heart ache legs hurt keep runnin grinding never give up.
Raise your hands if you give a shit about anything Steve Bannon says or believes?
I thought so... very few hands.
PS Why does @CNBC provide Bannon a forum whatsoever? Why should Bannon have a platform on such a legitimate stage?
I don't get it but maybe others do....
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