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Whoever put this video together at the White House deserves a raise.

Absolutely brilliant. #BuildTheWall
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Whoever put this video together at the White House deserves a raise. 

Absolutely brilliant. #BuildTheWall
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Hey Hollywood and media types, I’ve noticed a lot of you deleted your #JusticeForJussie tweets... what’s the matter, don’t you want justice for him anymore??? #frauds
Kathy Griffin: No one can ruin a career faster than I can.

Jussie Smollet: Hold my bleach!!!
Here’s a list of the world’s most polluted cities. It shows how poor countries are being hit the hardest #pollution
Jason Chaffetz: FBI’s Andrew McCabe should be on trial, not a book tour | Fox News
Is Jussie Smollett The Modern Tawana Brawley? - The Daily Caller
So I missed this, but apparently Kamala Harris is being accused of being inauthentic because she put hot sauce on greens ... which is what you do if you've ever had them with an African-American family. We may be doomed.
Congratulations to the UK government, which managed to sour relations with China and Japan in the same week
LOOK: This Siberian town is getting black snow allegedly caused by coal dust from local processing plants
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Honda to leave UK with a potential loss of 3500 jobs in 2022. It wont be long for Nissan to make same decision .Sunderland you tipped the scales in 2016 vote and now you will pay with mass unemployment in your area not just Nissan factory but all the peripheral suppliers
Unfortunately, a study showing massive sexism in the tech industry, which was retweeted over a thousand times earlier today, including by me, appears to have been completely fake.
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