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😭 I'm crying


imagine Nancy Pelosi, bags packed, on the tarmac, wondering where her plane is...

then some poor sap hands her this letter...


I support @realDonaldTrump's decision to CANCEL Nancy Pelosi’s overseas PR trip

He denied her use of military aircraft and suggested she fly commercial instead 😅😂🤣

RT if you love this President as much as I do!
If you need a good laugh today, you’re welcome...courtesy of President Trump. Good show, kind sir. Stand firm. | #RedNationRising
Leftists loose their lunch over Trump’s ‘Fast Food’ buffet paid OUT OF POCKET, but they thought it was totally lovely when Obama spent $65k of "TAXPAYER MONEY" on hot dogs....
If we cut ALL public assistance to illegals we could fully fund the Southern border wall each year for the next decade

President Trump is ready and willing to negotiate — tell Democrats it’s time to come to the table (202) 224-3121

BREAKING: First Media Outlet to Report on Ruth Bader Ginsburg's Cancer NOW SAYS She Contracted Pneumonia - Is Fighting for Her Life https://t.co/4T0hEhraxg
Democrats show their true colors. They're more concerned about overpaid gov't workers reimbursed paychecks than the 60,000+ Americans that will never get another Paycheck, or anything else, again!
This is what it's like arguing with a liberal
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A briefcase full of emeralds and diamonds from the Saudi Arabian king? https://t.co/8Jy1ZSvFjO
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