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Some of my favorite Ghost Stories on film. (exc. anything I've done as prod. or dir.) Here we go:

1) Personal Shopper
2) The Innocents
3) The Uninvited
4) Ringu
5) The Haunting
6) The Stone Tapes
7) The Shining
8) The Others
9) The Sixth Sense
10) Kuroneko
New trailer for Stanley Kubrick's A Clockwork Orange - back in cinemas f... via @YouTube
BEAUTIFUL, powerful image by Eleonor Piteira on Shape of Water.
I cannot retweet all the brilliance contained within this hashtag: #VisibleWomen absolutely breathtaking images by genial minds!
@clmazin @NickFalacciI@TheJimBond’@johnaugustv@briankoppelmane@chrismcquarrie @rianjohnsonread and written a multitude of screenplays and I’ve never once been stopped by the rules: if the tool to express a moment breaks them, then, by all means, just break them. But know them— they do nag nicely in the background when something feels gestural or insincere.
Reposting, revised: I would not presume to suggest what categories should occur during commercials on Oscars night, but, please: Cinematography & Editing are at the very heart of our craft. They are not inherited from a theatrical or literary tradition: they are cinema itself.
25 Movie Sequels That Are Better Than The Original via @OnePerfectShot
3/3 A carefully considered and expressed announcement was sent yesterday. Each year, the "edited" awards will change categories and will AIR during the ceremony.
2/3 "They will be slightly edited off-line in the trailer (such as the walk up from seat to stage)--- as has been done for years with the Tony broadcast—and then placed live into the ongoing show. It should be seamless and most viewers won’t notice."

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If I may: I would not presume to suggest what categories to cut during the Oscars show but - Cinematography and Editing are at the very heart of our craft. They are not inherited from a theatrical tradition or a literary tradition: they are cinema itself.
Las palabras no alcanzan para entender la dimensión de esta locura. 3 estudiantes son asesinados y disueltos en ácido. El ¨porqué¨ es impensable, el ¨como¨ es aterrador.
Brooklyn Nine-Nine has given us fully human characters, beautiful, powerful, flawed, vulnerable, majestic... In whichever form, B99 must return. It will. And I will be there to watch. And, it is my hope that I hope that, this time, a lot more people do too.
The Pale Man represents all institutional evil feeding on the helpless. It's not accidental that he is a) Pale b) a Man. He's thriving now.
Informal poll (let's see how many votes we get in 24 hours)
Hellboy III
En el sismo del 85 Telmex abrio el@uso gratuito de telefonos. Pido publicamente que cuanta empresa pueda abra su WiFi o internet
A cualquiera en Mexico que necesite publicar mensajes urgentes puede hacerlo por medio de mi cuenta. Solo agregue @RealGDT y yo apoyare.
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