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Bless their hearts...

'Heartbreakingly lonely’: QAnon diehards traded pictures of cold bologna sandwiches for Christmas dinner https://t.co/sQqMaKfEDZ
.@NicolleDWallace’s ‘mind blown’ by guest as ‘the dots are getting closer and closer together’ between Trump and Putin

McConnell's wife and Transit Secretary wouldn't answer if Senate leader gets along with Trump: report

Trump's own supporter are telling him to get over it. This one blasts president over ‘ridiculous’ shutdown: ‘You’re not getting the wall’

House Judiciary Chair threatens subpoenas if acting Attorney General refuses to answer questions about Trump obstructing Mueller

Not hard to understand why the NRA is not being investigated by Mueller when you see headlines like this:

Russian banker and spy infiltrated the NRA with the Kremlin’s blessing: report

CNN’s @JakeTapper: Trump offer on immigration comes ‘straight from the mind of Stephen Miller’
Trump supporter behind plot to smear Mueller kindles new racist ‘birther’ movement to derail Kamala Harris https://t.co/aSxKqtGPE7
Worth rewatching: Authoritarianism expert @sarahkendzior ridicules ‘pathetic’ NRA for being so easily suckered by the Russians
Fox News’ panel slams ‘mystifying’ interviews by Trump’s lawyer: ‘Rudy Giuliani needs to get his story straight’ https://t.co/oMly34oeOr
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