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Latest Scoops

Offset’s father says Cardi B released the first photo of Kulture “out of spite” https://t.co/tIfW5GySJB
Jacquees and Keith Sweat debate “King of R&B” title 👑 https://t.co/ni7fUVBhpF
New Music: Jhené Aiko - ‘Wasted Love Freestyle’ https://t.co/54pRb8nwfF
Drake calls Kodak Black’s new album one of his favorites of the last five years https://t.co/3hszBcvWXr
Meek Mill says Nicki Minaj blocked him on Instagram https://t.co/VsNZF3dUjv
Is Eminem the king of rap? Gucci Mane doesn’t think so https://t.co/MzUkD0TNz2
Kendrick Lamar says he’s not currently working on a new album https://t.co/3yUOtDeik0
Jhené Aiko sings about a lost love on "Wasted Love Freestyle." Listen: https://t.co/asx6AkZMu6 💔
Offset's father defends his son, calls out Cardi B for family drama https://t.co/UNmkDl47bZ
Jacquees ran up on Keith Sweat to defend his "King of R&B" claim https://t.co/OG7IF8re3q
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