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Berkeley prof, former Sec. of Labor. Movie INEQUALITY FOR ALL now on iTunes, Amazon. Latest book: SAVING CAPITALISM: FOR THE MANY, NOT THE FEW.

Latest Scoops

“Boeing knew of potentially disastrous” safety problem in 737.

PG&E “knew about problems with sparks” and wildfires.

Wrhttps://t.co/ffeoQRWN5Bong. Corporations aren’t people. Specific executives knew, and should be held accountable.
In Trump's world you need to an I.D. to buy cereal, but don't need to release your taxes to run for president.
Trump hasn't mentioned “looming threat” of caravan since Election Day, because he created it for the election. NY Times ran 14 front-page stories on caravan before Election Day. Message to press: Don't get played!
Half of the 24 Republicans who wrote Trump's tax cuts for the wealthy and corporations will no longer be in Congress. https://t.co/TjDLUZuseh
The next time you hear Republicans in Congress complain about the deficit, remind them that they stood by as the Trump administration spent $200 million to deploy 5,000 troops to the border (over Thanksgiving) for a political stunt.
What does Amazon’s decision to put its second headquarters in New York and suburban D.C. – rather than, say, Indianapolis -- have to do with America’s political divide? Turns out, quite a lot. https://t.co/5IfqSxLstF
House Democrats have already outlined a bill that would:
1) Overturn Citizens United.
2) Establish Automatic Voter Registration.
3) Bolster anti-bribery laws.
4) Protect the Voting Rights Act.

Meanwhile, Trump is trying to stop a recount & handing out medals to megadonors.
For the second day in a row, the president has invented claims of voter fraud to interfere in a recount required by law in a prominent Senate race. Not so much as a tweet condemning this behavior from McConnell. He is just as complicit in this assault on our democracy.
Can courts rescue democracy from Trumpists? Today:
1. Maryland sues Trump for appointing hack Whitaker acting AG.
2. CNN sues White House for revoking @Acosta's press credentials.
3. Fed judge orders GA election officials to review thousands of uncounted ballots for governor.
Trump says Fla. recount should be stopped. So if it's not, what is he proposing to do? Call in fed troops? Start another civil war?
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