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To the contrary: That the Deputy AG, a former distinguished U.S. Attorney and lifelong Republican, considered invoking 25th amendment to remove Trump confirms that the President of the U.S. is dangerously unhinged.

Under any other administration, this would be a months long scandal, with congressional hearings, resignations, and a coordinated effort to locate the kids. The fact that the disappearance of children barely cracks the news cycle is beyond comprehension. https://t.co/oKGuruKQ1c
A small price to pay for the $700 million windfall Adelson's company received thanks to Trump's tax cuts.
This may be the most devastating political ad I've seen. Gosar is a member of the Republican Freedom Caucus, dedicated to family values. https://t.co/n08MDvrBO4
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.@BetoORourke: "People looking back at this moment will not be able to believe that a country with $21 trillion in debt, with the greatest levels of income disparity that we've seen since the Gilded Age, would find as its solution $2 trillion in tax breaks for the rich."
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A woman has accused a Supreme Court nominee of pinning her to a bed, groping her and covering her mouth when she screamed. She has provided therapist notes from years ago, taken a polygraph, and is willing to undergo an FBI investigation. McConnell wants to "plow right through."
I ask you: When did we last have a president who made positive news by not acting like a total jerk? https://t.co/1RECSJjs6n
In order to pay for detaining migrant kids, the Trump admin. plans to divert funds from:
--Cancer research
--Women’s shelters
--Substance abuse programs
--Health care for people with HIV/AIDS
--Head Start

The cruelty of Trump and his enablers never ceases to amaze me.
Of course Trump doesn't have an attorney general. He shouldn't have one. The role of an attorney general isn't to protect a president but to protect the American system of justice. That Trump doesn’t understand this is alarming.

Senate Republicans are willing to investigate conspiracy theories they hear about on Fox News, but won't allow the FBI investigate sexual assault allegations against Kavanaugh.
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