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Queen of everywhere you'd want to visit. One's new book 'Still Reigning' is out now: http://amzn.to/1A08A2P (FICTIONAL/SATIRE)

Latest Scoops

The DoE is fairly sure ‘Jeremy Hunt’ is rhyming slang.
Polar bear murdered by @HLCruisesInt in its own territory. Do the world a favour, people, and boycott this horrific company. https://t.co/nGQXNOJxWk
How much for the sheep? Does it have any government experience?
Ok, drink up and piss off. One’s got shit to do. #Trump
Tell him one’s not in. #trump
President Trump arrives this evening. We’re not having him staying at the palace for reasons of a ‘fake tan on one’s linen’ nature. #Orangina
If Croatia is annexed as a colony of the Isle of Wight, dors that mean we’re technically in the final? Asking for a friend. #StandByRoyalNavy
Look on the bright side, England. We still have Theresa May.
Making Boris Johnson ambassador to Croatia. #EnglandvCroatia
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