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while making documenting hate charlottesville we identified one assailant who was a us marine and another who
While making “Documenting Hate: Charlottesville,” we identified one assailant who was a U.S. Marine, and another who held a U.S. government security clearance. Here’s what’s happened to them since our initial reporting was published.

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Karen Salmansohn
i really don t have the energy to hate or regret it s all being used up on creating an awesome life
I really don't have the energy to #hate or #regret. It's all being used up on creating an #awesome #life.
Jack Swagger
who elected ilhanmn makes me sick nothing to do with politics this is pure hate
Who elected @IlhanMN ? makes me sick. Nothing to do with Politics. This is pure #Hate .
Shiv Singh
good move facebook justice hate progress thesavvybook facebook newsroom
Vincent Josephy
ajax juventus liverpool porto tottenham manchester city barcelone manchester united tirageldc hate
Ajax - Juventus
Liverpool - Porto
Tottenham - Manchester City
Barcelone - Manchester United
#TirageLDC #Hâte
Deplorable Karl
if we do not stop this now civil war is inevitable hate bias
If We Do Not Stop This NOW, Civil War Is INEVITABLE #hate #bias
Karen Salmansohn
how to forgive someone you hate 4 helpful steps haters hate forgiven forgive revenge
How to forgive someone you hate! 4 helpful steps:

Andrew Lopez, RN
the latest international nurses thanks to pyramidmedicine debraejackson despicable hate
The latest International Nurses! Thanks to @pyramidmedicine @debraejackson #despicable #hate
Savannah Guthrie
twitter in a nutshell love hate
Twitter in a nutshell 😂 #love #hate
Scott Tetreault
that was adorable patriots titans hate
That was adorable? @Patriots @Titans #Hate
Scott Tetreault
the b good salads have shrunk and that s not good hate
The B good salads have shrunk and that's not good. #Hate
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Faisal Islam
bxp results make a new tory leader backing no deal by oct 31st position almost certain but 91 million people j
BXP results make a new Tory leader backing No Deal by Oct 31st position almost certain...

9.1 million people just voted for parties explicitly against No Deal (LD/G/L/CH/SNP...) ... vs 5.8m explicitly in favour...(BXP+Ukip) /1
The Hill
@thehill 2 hours
trump deletes tweet about joe bidan after it goes viral
Trump deletes tweet about Joe "Bidan" after it goes viral
CNN International
this college graduate honored her parents in her graduation photos standing in her cap and gown in the middle
This college graduate honored her parents in her graduation photos, standing in her cap and gown, in the middle of the fruit fields where her mother still works.

"Their sacrifice to come to this country to give us a better future was well worth it."
Laura Kuenssberg
before twitter whips itself into a frenzy before 930 on bank hol mon 1 eu elex don t translate directly into g
Before twitter whips itself into a frenzy before 9.30 on Bank Hol Mon
1. EU elex don't translate directly into Gen Elex
2. Adding up diff vote shares to 'prove' one thing or another prob not v useful
3. Awful Lab-Con results reflect state of parties as well as Brexit policy
Reuters Top News
trump expects good things from north korea more here
Trump expects 'good things' from North Korea. More here:
Aditya Chakrabortty
reason to be cheerful voters humiliated tommy robinson while electing former child refugee magid magid to the
Reason to be cheerful:
Voters humiliated Tommy Robinson, while electing former child refugee Magid Magid to the European Parliament. One guy has a lot of dry cleaning to do; the other will work on replacing our carbon economy.
There’s a future for Britain beyond hate.
@ANI_news 1 hour
pakistan media historical guru nanak palace partially demolished by locals in narowal in punjab provinceits co
Pakistan media: 'Historical Guru Nanak palace’ partially demolished by locals in Narowal in Punjab province.Its construction comprised old bricks, sand, clay and limestone.
The Times of London
how the leave and remain vote split
How the Leave and Remain vote split
Reuters Top News
next tuesday june 4 marks 30 years since china bloodily suppressed pro democracy demonstrations in and around
Next Tuesday, June 4, marks 30 years since China bloodily suppressed pro-democracy demonstrations in and around central Beijing’s Tiananmen Square. Here are some landmark dates following the 1989 demonstrations:
breaking charge free speech comes under siege according to reports fir has been filed against editor vishweshw
BREAKING | ‘#EmergencyInKarnatakaCharge: Free speech comes under siege – According to reports, FIR has been filed against editor Vishweshwar Bhat of a Kannada daily for writing a report on Karnataka CM and his son. | @HeenaGambhir, Imran Khan, @dpkBopanna with details.
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