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President @realDonaldTrump demonstrated courageous leadership offering a fair deal to address the security and humanitarian crisis at our border. Let’s hope Democrats care more about doing what’s right than resistance.
Powerful moment to watch these five people become U.S. citizens in the Oval Office.
President @realDonaldTrump’s letter to @SpeakerPelosi concerning her upcoming travel
“The President and his team had a constructive meeting with bipartisan members of the problem solvers caucus. They listened to one another and now both have a good understanding of what the other wants. We look forward to more conversations like this.”
Happy Birthday @Scavino45 one of my favorite people at the WH and one of the most talented people I know. (Photo of us reading NBC story about @POTUS not visiting the troops, while he’s visiting the troops in Iraq and Germany over Christmas).
The Democrats’ refusal to compromise on border security and reopen the government didn’t stop President Trump from hosting national champion @ClemsonFB tonight. He personally paid for the event to be catered by some of America’s great fast food joints
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Democrats in Congress are so alarmed about federal workers not getting paid they’re partying on the beach instead of negotiating a compromise to reopen the government and secure the border
When I went with President @realDonaldTrump to the border today I never imagined @Acosta would be there doing our job for us and so clearly explaining why WALLS WORK. Thanks Jim!https://t.co/7wC4rdEsZ2
Reggie Singh brother of Officer Singh, killed by illegal immigrant, receives standing ovation and hug from @POTUS after saying - “No family should ever go through what we are going through. Whatever it takes to put a stop to it, our family supports it.”
Nancy Pelosi says border security is immoral. There is absolutely nothing immoral about protecting women and children from rape or murder by gangs like MS-13. It is the duty and moral obligation of our President to defend our border and keep Americans safe
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