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Family mourns as police investigate crash that killed pedestrian in Standish #Maine
Auburn #Maine man charged with rape and murder in 1993 Alaska case #mecrime
State education funding projections bring good news for #Maine school districts
UPDATE: There are at least 5 people dead and 5 police officers wounded in shooting in Aurora, Illinois.
Those wounded include police officers, according to early reports. Developing story in Aurora, Illinois.
It is a holiday weekend and a paywall-iday weekend. Thanks to @PortlandGlass, there are currently no article limits on Celebrate however you see fit but may we suggest checking out all of the latest news from the MPA Basketball Tournaments?
Players Colin Kaepernick and Eric Reid settle their grievances with the @NFL over allegations that they'd been blacklisted.
Watch live: President declares national emergency for border wall funding
Today's Portland Press Herald front page, Friday, February 15, 2019

The Most Relevant

A conservative group is spending six figures to thank @SenatorCollins for her vote for Justice Kavanaugh.
You know, @jack our days are pretty full as it is without cleaning up your website for you pro bono. Just sayin.
With 66 percent reporting, Maine has voted to expand Medicaid, the first state to do so at the ballot box.
@StephenKing These are challenging times for newspapers. But here’s an offer: If you can get 100 of your followers to buy digital subscriptions to the @PressHerald, we will reinstate the local book reviews immediately. Use the promo code KING. Deal?
Maine says she doesn't support the Trump policy of separating families at the border, but also does not support the Democratic bill to stop them.
Yes, the word "RESIST" really was written in letters over 25 feet tall on a beach in Acadia National Park yesterday
We have never, ever tweeted a picture of one of our advertisements. However. Our special thanks go out to for placing this absolute beauty today. #OnePortland #RCTID
Bon Appetit has chosen Portland as its City of the Year.

If you had a friend in from out of town and had to tell them to eat just one meal in the area, what would it be? Reply here and we'll collect the results.
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We're at our goal. Book reviews will return.

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