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Today marks the beginning of the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity: all of us are asked to implore from God this great gift.
Let us be careful not to have a perverse heart that leads to cowardice; an obstinate heart that leads to being shut off; a heart that is slave to the seduction that leads to a Christian life of compromise. #SantaMarta
The Spirit of God speaks freely to each person through feelings and thoughts. The Spirit cannot be confined with simple reasoning, but must be welcomed with the heart!
Don’t let the sufferings you see frighten you. Place them before the Crucifix and the Eucharist from which we draw patient and compassionate love.
Let us look at our hands, often so empty of love, and today let us try to think of some gift we can offer freely.
Baptism is the best gift we have received. Through it, we belong to God and we possess the joy of salvation.
Smallness is freedom. One who is small, in the Gospel sense, is unencumbered and free from any urge to show off, and from any claim to success.
The first step in prayer is to be humble, go to the Father and say: “Look at me, I am a sinner.” And the Lord listens.
The spirit of the world is conquered with the spirit of faith: believing that God is really in the brother and sister who are close to me. #SantaMarta
Do not be afraid to weep when you encounter difficult situations: tears are drops that irrigate life. Tears of compassion purify hearts and feelings.
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