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Influencer plans say a lot about Epic Games Store’s vision of itself
Influencer plans say a lot about Epic Games Store’s vision of itself
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What does Goddard love? We being home to the best in astrophysics, Earth sciences, engineering, robotic exploration, Sun science, and technology. #ValentinesDay
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feeling cute but might delete later ☺️🤩😅
SCOOP: DOJ has warned the White House an emergency declaration is nearly certain to be blocked by the courts on at least a temporary basis, preventing immediate implementation of the president's plan to pay for the wall. However, WH believes they can ultimately win on appeal.
The "Doctor Frankenstein of Teslas" is one of the only people taking completely wrecked cars and putting them back together—without Tesla's help. Full video:
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Tomorrow @POTUS will announce $8 billion for the wall:

$1.375 billion appropriations bill

Plus exec action:

$600 million - Treasury's drug forfeiture fund
$2.5 billion - DoD's drug interdiction program

Plus emergency declaration:

$3.5 billion DoD mil construction budget
Paired or unpaired, we hope everyone has a wonderful Valentine’s Day! 💕
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Facebook tracks former employees deemed a threat by using location data collected thru Facebook's apps/websites. "Other companies keep similar lists of threats, but Facebook is unique because it can use its own products to...track the location of people"
It's a celebration.
Freewave 3 just dropped.
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