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Latest Scoops

The Steven Universe season finale was epic, and the climactic showdown delivered a complicated lesson on childhood: https://t.co/4c3NMpdCbP
Yakuza Kiwami’s PC version finally has a release date set for mid-February https://t.co/EaXP0WDJG1
Dragon Ball Super: Broly’s villains set up an interesting future for the series https://t.co/YJHQquaTFu
Three episodes into Mob Psycho 100’s second season, it’s clear that the show is still one of the funniest and kindest anime around https://t.co/HMSwTV5UWb
Mortal Kombat 11’s time-cheating character, Geras, is the game’s coolest new addition https://t.co/iaK7iUKt3O
Hitman 2’s latest update brings a wintry mix of content to the game, including the ability for Agent 47 to throw snowballs. https://t.co/sfHQvgUJSK
Influencer plans say a lot about Epic Games Store’s vision of itself https://t.co/ipo6qOb1N6
Heat wants to be Red Dead Online for the PC, but the developer has a troubled history of failing to meet fan expectations. Many say it has abandoned past games entirely. https://t.co/hVceX12130
Shinji Mikami, Hideki Kamiya and others open up about the difficult development of Resident Evil 2 https://t.co/mQtMfNraUJ
Netflix’s Io is like The Martian meets The Road, but can’t capture the haunting magic of either: https://t.co/oLAdkuU2GV
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