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@LikeUsaD It was fun watching you make a deep run there AA - some highs and lows along the way! 😞😃

We won't spoil the ending for anyone who wants to watch but well played - we liked a lot of your decisions. 👍
🏆🎈🎉 Congrats to our five winners : @WILD____LIFE- @GJReggie @latambtc, , @CaldimusPrime, @Countryjayne & . You all win a $22 ticket for picking the cor #fridaygiveawayrect answer. Well done! 🎉🎈🏆
@phil_hellmuth Thanks Phil, it was great having you at #PCA2019 - a wonderful chance for some of th #platinumpasse winners to meet and play with a legend of the game. Hope we see you again soon. 👍
@disco12345 Great job there Chris, we liked your decisions on every street. 👍 Checking the river was nice as he had a good sized stack to bluff with missed draws and it might be hard for you to get a worse hand to call a bet. Well played - full marks. ✔️
@TonguPoker Tricky play Tongu with the flop lead, turn check with top set. It worked a treat and got you a full double up - congratulations. 👍
@RBeckett91 The road to #PCA2020 starts here Bobathy! Good luck on your journey, keep us informed as to how you're getting on. We'd love to see you make it all the way to the Bahamas. 🌴🌞
@elielezra1 Best of luck with your book Eli and thanks for joining us at the #PSPC . You've inspired and entertained many players over the years with your exciting brand of poker and we hope it gets lots of readers. A ringing endorsement fro @normmacdonaldm can't hurt either. 📢👍
The waiting's over... 6+ Poker has arrived 🕺🎉 Take your seat NOW for a taste of our brand new short deck game. More info here: https://t.co/w9oJ1KVFUA
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How many nationalities will be represented at this week's #SundayMillion final table?
Tweet your guess with #FridayGiveaway and [Stars ID] by 23:59 ET to be in with a chance of winning one of five $11 tickets.
T&Cs apply: https://t.co/lO20xECW4N
@BorjitaBarrios After getting it all-in, a straight or a flush was all you needed Borja...but you just decided that you wanted both. 😍🔥

After this straight-flush, did the run-good continue in this tournament? 📈
Total(1) => 0.084354162216187 f_f_QM(2) => 0.079604148864746 indS(2) => 0.041394948959351 indM(2) => 0.036098003387451 indM_1(2) => 0.0029757022857666 indM_2(2) => 0.0012052059173584 indM_4(2) => 0.0025942325592041 indM_5(2) => 0.0039851665496826 indM_6(2) => 0.0031890869140625 indM_7(2) => 0.0040817260742188 indM_8(2) => 0.0011448860168457 indM_9(2) => 0.0088040828704834 indM_10(2) => 0.0077750682830811 f_f_pTL(2) => 0.0036602020263672 f_f_dT(20) => 0.003432035446167