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Our "Time Tries All Things" exhibition by Grace Weir has now reopened! Drop in for free to enjoy this hypnotic and contemplative video installation in our gallery. Showing until 29 March. Find us at 37 Caledonian Road. #TimeTriesAllThings #GraceWeir
IOP members-are you a research student or early career physicist? Looking at conferences to attend this year? Apply by 1 March for our RSCF and ECRF bursaries to get up to £300 to help you attend conferences to broaden your research reach! Find out more 👇 👩‍⚕️👨‍⚕️💰
Are you at @warwickuni today? Join us today from 6:00pm - 7.30pm in the Physics Common Room to get info on how to #traintoteach #physics,and enjoy some free pizza! Register here:
The IOP Business Awards are now open for entries. Our awards recognise the significant contribution physicists and physics makes in industry across all sectors – from start-ups to multi-national corporations. Apply now! #IOPBusiness
Students - you have until midnight TONIGHT to apply to take part in our Undergraduate Physics Challenge for a chance to win a personal tour of a science technology park! Find out more 👇 @netparknet@kromekgroup
We have @NobelPrize winner Donna Strickland on our stage RIGHT NOW giving a lecture on her work on Chirped-pulse amplification. Tune in and watch her lecture LIVE 👉
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Jonathan Flint CBE, IOP President Elect Is our final speaker before Professor Donna Strickland takes the stage. Jonathan welcomes guests from the University of Waterloo 🇨🇦 - highlights its achievements and talks innovation and research. #DonnaStricklandatIOP #physics
Janice Charette the High Commissionwe for Canada to the UK talks #physics innovation and #collaboration and #globalscientists at #DonnaStricklandatIOP
Our COO @RachelYoungman has begun her introductions and the lecture is set to begin shortly. Tune in now to watch last year's physics @NobelPrize winner, Donna Strickland give a lecture at the IOP
Grab a seat, get comfy and tune in NOW to watch Nobel Prize winner Donna Strickland's lecture LIVE from our building!

The Most Relevant

Happy birthday to professor Stephen Hawking, who turns 75 today!
Calling all #WomenInScience! To celebrate International Day of Women & Girls in Science on Monday, we want to showcase women working in physics today. Tweet a selfie and tell us what you do using #iamaphysicist and we’ll retweet! #WomenInSTEM #WomenInScienceDayDay
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Happy Birthday to Sir Isaac Newton, born #onthisday (according to the Gregorian calendar) in 1643. Newton discovered the law of universal gravitation, the three laws of motion, is credited for co-developing calculus, and invented the first working reflecting telescope.
Physics Gif Friday: a magnetic cube attracts and appears to dive into a ferromagnetic putty containing iron oxide
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#WomenInScience - next Monday is International Day of Women & Girls in Science, so celebrate with us by tweeting a selfie and telling us what you do in physics using #iamaphysicist! We’ll retweet your selfies between now and Monday, so get snapping and sharing! #WomenInSTEM
Happy International Day of Women and Girls in Science! We’re celebrating all day by sharing your #iamaphysicist selfies, so continue to tweet us telling us what you do in physics! #WomenInScience #WomeninSTEM #WomeninScienceDay #WomeninPhysics
Happy birthday Ada Lovelace, born #onthisday in 1815. She was an English mathematician and is considered to be the first computer programmer.
Loss of signal confirmed; she is no more. Farewell Cassini-Huygens. #GrandeFinale #cassini
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We’re going to continue retweeting your #iamaphysicist selfies to celebrate #InternationalDayofWomenandGirlsinScience, so keep them coming. Let’s inspire future physicists and STEM professionals. Spread the word! #WomenInSTEM #WomeninScienceDay #WomeninPhysics #WomeninScience
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This Thursday is International Women’s Day and to mark it we’re celebrating women who've made a significant contribution to physics. Celebrate with us by telling us who your favourite female physicist is – past or present – and why they inspire you using #WomeninPhysics #IWD2018
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