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Dad, husband, host, producer, part time nice guy, part time DBag, and the very best, like no one ever was...

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Just made direct eye contact with my Postmates driver who thought he was turning into my parking lot, but was actually turning onto the highway.

I don’t know if there is a word for all the emotions his face was projecting at the same time.
that was fast. ooof it always hurts when its one of the longer episodes.

Thanks to all you beautiful bastards who support us on https://t.co/2fr9XvVu2c.
W/o y'all days like this were essentially just us losing money for trying to talk about serious news.
LIVE. Massive OxyContin Accusations, Tfue vs Ninja, Netflix Bird Box Backlash, & The Trump Syria Problem... https://t.co/gQNIvWl9ad
Today's PDS will be a little late. Appears that I've made another 20-minute monster AND I had to reshoot about a 1/4th of it because my hair did this bullshit...
😂😂😂 The Gregory Brothers are legends for this remix. https://t.co/hvne7cKYK7
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@LukeSkyWacka Come to my office and show me your driver's license, Luke. Also for no specific reason please don't be wearing a turtle neck or anything covering your throat when you arrive.
To Do List:
1. Film PDS
2. Start Filming Friday Show
3. Review In-Progress Solos
4. Flesh out that joke about how Im going to shoot a mukbang video with your mom but not needing to order food for it.
5. Throat punch people my age who unironically use "lit" in casual conversation.
Oh well I mean as long as we’re using verified facts and statistics.... lol
A good morning shoutout to all the LA teachers on strike this week and all the parents and students who have been protesting with them out in the shittiest week of weather we’ve had in a long while.

We see you.
We hear you.
We support you.

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This Is The Horrifying Illegal Adoption Crisis Happening... https://t.co/ZfJYtsSsFW
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