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The no-deal vote will be the big one that decides if Theresa May survives - ITV News https://t.co/B6cW17KB7I
And why the no-deal vote in ten days may actually be the big one that decides whether @theresa_may can cling on https://t.co/Kwqr97EFj0
Can a general election solve the Brexit crisis? Really? https://t.co/Kwqr97EFj0
Robert Peston to Appear Live At The Shaftesbury Theatre https://t.co/zlkYnSrim3
A very different kind of politics show. Unplugged. With me. Live, at the Shaftesbury Theatre, 10 March, 7pm ⁦@springboardlive⁩ ⁦@Shaftesbury1911⁩
Where are you Batman, when we need you most? From ⁦@ESTheLondoner⁩
But would it gain a Commons majority?
Which party will fracture and break up first under strain of Brexit, Labour or Tory? https://t.co/yESM2rtKpS
Tony Blair on Today says “of course” @jeremycorbyn should meet @theresa_may for Brexit talks. That’s going to work.
Reaching out by May and team to Labour MPs, not going to plan according to senior Tory: “Big pushback from Labour MPs against meeting Gove - zero trust”. I guess the way he excoriated @jeremycorbyn yesterday not a traditional olive branch
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