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Latest Scoops

“Nobody tackled the subject of laundry, nobody wanted to learn it, until I developed a system for it.”

I guarantee you will enjoy this article.https://t.co/Ew2uPAwZYt

“It’s very hard to find someone who is passionate about laundry. He is passionate.”

Just one of many golden quotes from this article about the world leader in showbiz laundry.

If a government rules in the name of majority, but rides roughshod over minorities and weakens a country’s checks and balances — is it really democratic? @Max_Fisher & dis@amandataubsect the “widening divide between two visions of democracy” https://t.co/srsZzBoSoe
“Island of losers.”

@DIEZEIT’s verdict today on Britain’s “Brexit-Chaos”.
To record the sound of a violin, this town cordoned off its central streets, turned off the elevators, and unscrewed every light bulb in the concert hall.

Then a barista shattered a glass.

Fascinating yarn from @ma_paradiso

The latest from Planet #Orban: the former mayor of his tiny village won about 800 million euros in EU construction contracts — *in 2018 alone*. https://t.co/xksXA6XwZ1
Fascinating and timely @IQ2DE discussion last night with @TimothyDSnyder on the ways that modern leaders channel forms of fascism, and how this has been enabled by the political mainstream’s belief in the “inevitability” of liberal democracy.
For 25 years, Lajos Simicska was the moneyman behind Viktor #Orban. Then the two fell out spectacularly — & / @direkt36has@444hu a fascinating piece on how it happened. For me, this was the quote that revealed the most about Orban’s Hungary https://t.co/88vTwCSqdU
Thank you @KongTsungGan for listing our coverage of Hungarian democracy as among the best rights-focussed journalism of 2018. And thank you @b_novak for working on it with me https://t.co/ILFSkZVzSX
Some children at @SiobhanHead’s school in north-west England are so hungry that they are searching for food in bins. https://t.co/ilfpAvD0TH
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