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  3. the nfl needs a human like this... what an electric character rockin the stripes.
The NFL needs a human like this... What an electric character rockin the stripes. https://t.co/YqWrTausvW
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The NFL needs a human like this... What an electric character rockin the stripes.  https://t.co/YqWrTausvW


Ralph Lauren’s App-Controlled “RL Heat” Polo 11 Jacket Is Exactly What the East Coast Needs Right Now https://t.co/9Pitl2ar9A
Was lucky enough to see an early screening of @KidWouldBeKing this past Sunday. What an amazing new film by the writer/director of ATTACK THE BLOCK. Your kids will go bonkers.
#Oscars nominee @ItsRamiMalek on taking on the role of Freddie Mercury: "What I knew I needed was time because you're asking me to embody and encapsulate a human being who is, quite honestly, otherworldly" https://t.co/ll6C0r5OV3
What's on the watch list this week?
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Attorneys in New Orleans and Lafayette are reportedly filing suit against the NFL demanding league commissioner Roger Goodell answer for what happened - or didn't happen - during Sunday’s NFC title game https://t.co/JSLLHCAZvQ
Police are searching for the gunman who robbed and kidnapped several Georgia Tech students: https://t.co/AevNYZHlvl @TyishaWSB talks to one faculty member, who said he isn't surprised something like this happened, coming up at 6:06 p.m.
"I prayed every day that he'd live through this": What it's really like to kill in the ring https://t.co/jGpbfjGbnS
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Here’s what the Oscar nominations could look like if they consisted entirely of brilliant woman-directed movies #OscarNoms:
.@AXSTV is the place to be on Sunday nights! 🙌 This week, we're remembering #BuddyHolly, discovering the best crooners, and rockin' out with @rascalflatts! #SundayNightRocks
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Looks like the #Oscars deemed there were some substantial achievements in the realm of "Popular Film" this year, eh?

👉👉 https://t.co/QTf8R81bCw
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