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Last December, IC3PEAK's Nikolai Kostylev and Anastasiya Kreslina arrived in the Siberian city of Novosibirsk to give a concert, only to be detained by police.

"We're just saying out loud what people would like to say but are afraid to," says Kreslina. https://t.co/QcH43vxaHJ
Most mothers of gang members know the truth about their sons. They just don’t know what to do about it, writes @dahleeng. https://t.co/gBIwNxUgGV
Benedict Cumberbatch wanted to star i @HBOn #Brexit's because "it puts you in the room where it happens so you understand HOW it happened rather than what happens, which we all know. That’s why I was drawn to this dramhttps://t.co/OFeJ1Zqt06a.
Dr. Lukoye: Truth is very important; do not lie about what happened. We need to tell what happened in a manner that is appropriate to the age of the child that is asking about it #Tonight
Dana adamantly denies cyberstalking Kelly, but what does Kelly claim happened to her after she removed Dana from the group that she says makes her believe Dana has been targeting her? #DrPhil
“I felt degraded to where I was crying at night because I’m like, 'I can’t believe that I just actually did this and he doesn’t see anything wrong with it.'"

One of R. Kelly's accusers speaks out about abuse she says happened right here in metro Atlanta - https://t.co/Tu58Rz4OYn
Every woman has a story. Find out what happened to them 📰 Saturday night at 8/7c in Escaping the Madhouse: #TheNellieBlyStory.
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I was just reading Mary Oliver's "The Leaf and the Cloud" last week. What a genius. What a loss. except from "Flare" https://t.co/V4VU8k1MTj
| 'I detest racism' - Barkhuizen gives her version of what happened at Schweizer-Reneke school https://t.co/bldCMYC1Wp
What’s great about getting older is sometimes you just can’t move your neck for four days because you lay down on your back and used your computer at the same time.
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