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Guiness Book Record Holder attempting 2 make folks laugh. 1st comedy special Pat McAfee: UNCAGED is on iTunes. My mom said it doesn't suck. Snap~FourthDownBoss

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Congrats to Canadian Cuzzie.. ALTHO, I don’t believe in the Vinatieri comparison..different leagues/environments/pressures & such..but VERY IMPRESSIVE 4 any athlete to be this incredibly consistent..Once a stadium security guard. Now DOMINANT #ForTheBrandhttps://t.co/lhpoC51tEE
“Come look at the fakest video on the internet”~ @NotTheFakeDigs ... Full debate happening right now. This is real right? Wild for sure.. but real right? https://t.co/cfLaWkqSzO
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Good morning beautiful people.. There’s a beautiful scent of freedom being sniffed just hours away.. let’s power thru this Friday and enjoy the living hell out of the weekend. Find our happiness. Let’s have the greatest Friday in the history. Cheers.
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Traveled to Florida with @Efox_12 for a little business trip with the .@WWE.. Per usual.. I should not be allowed in these situations. Cheers. #VlogLife #NBD #Vlogging #OHHHHHItsAVlog#ForTheVlog
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GOT A VLOG COMING AT 9:30ish.. first to guess what made me do this in the middle of a Wal Greens and win some merch.
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Vinatieri once played against Herschel Walker.. He’s still playing.. that’s my first reaction to this video. Dude’s been playing since the super standard def days... about to become the points king on Sunday.. What an incredible career https://t.co/Pt3DhTymai
“I scored a touchdown in the NFL” can’t be my twitter bio because of this man.. dude was a horror film on the field.. also a dream crusher. That seems to never get brought up. https://t.co/hfGZOhWq5g
I IMMEDIATELY REGRET THAT DECISION... ⚡️ morning bankrupting @betmybookie. Gonna find ping pong balls for at least the next month around the office tho.. #SmallBusinessOwner #FlipCupGuy #HammerTime #BruceLeeChop
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#BeatPatMcAfee attempting to bankrupt @betmybookie with a 21 cup beer pong challenge https://t.co/k6IVW6SFUB
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