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This is genuinely scandalous behaviour by the BBC and they are going to have to apologise. https://t.co/RNQKZBsKU4
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The woman who called me a “left wing idiot” films me on Facebook live while she tells me about how the illuminati and rothschilds are pushing a New World Order to destroy the West by sending foreign immigrants
Donald Trump got a big cheer from Tim Martin’s adoring crowd! I’m afraid I didn’t. “Left wing idiot!” “I liked that video where you were called a tampon” says another
I’m in Wetherspoons in Southend with its founder and hardcore Brexiteer Tim Martin. What questions shall I ask him?
@AriOfMancunia @listen2li @daverich1 @OxfordSUTR @WantLabour @Oxford_Labourlly calling David Cameron a political shyster is anti-Semitic - what?!
@daverich1 @OxfordSUTR @WantLabour @Oxford_Labour I retweeted this as soon as I found about this disgraceful invite. You could have checked, but no, you chose not to. https://t.co/rHetix9yzM
Labour is “kind of neck and neck” in the polling average
The brutal reality is, whatever the Labour leadership decides, there is no majority in Parliament for a second referendum. If it's put to a vote, unless there's a dramatic shift in opinion, then MPs will vote it down. This fact is missing from the debate. https://t.co/a3x3bEkTRC
This is completely false - Labour are slightly ahead in the polling average, and in the last two polls are 2 and 3 points ahead - and it's made all the worse by @HackneyAbbott being ridiculed over it. Both @IsabelOakeshott and the BBC should apologise. https://t.co/xyupJXGSOe
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@thomasstoeckle1 Eh? I know "there's no perfect solution, no magic wand ", that's my argument in my piece and in a previous columnhttps://t.co/aOQKZZ1SZl
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