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Latest Scoops

Using OpenSecrets data, @qz takes a look at the various candidates seeking the 2020 Democratic nomination
#IASen - Republican Joni Ernst is heading into her 2020 reelection bid by touting her ties to a major donor - the #NRA and gun rights interests
#GunControl groups have grown in recent years to match #Gunrights groups in terms of lobbying and campaign spending
As Polish and Israeli tensions flared, Poland turned to US lobbyists to improve its public image by @LucasWRobinson
Will Bernie Sanders re-create his small donor magic in 2020?
Now that their campaigns are up and running, 2020 candidates face the daunting task of raising enough to stay in the race
As 2018 candidates found out, winning a seat in Congress isn’t easy. Or cheap. by @KarlEvers1
#RevolvingDoor - Both former Republican Rep Bill Shuster (who retired last year) and Democratic Rep Joe Crowley (who lost to @Ocasio2018) have joined the global public policy practice at lobbying and law firm Squire Patton Boggs
PACs ignored these candidates when they were challengers - but then flocked to support them after they won
#TX32 - GOP leadership and outside groups are already paying close election to Texas' 32nd Congressional district, targeting newly elected Dem @CZAllred before a GOP candidate has emerged

The Most Relevant

Today, we unveil "All the President's Profiting" - a tool you can use to track payments from political entities to properties still financially benefiting the #Trump family
ICYMI - Former Sen. Joe Lieberman of Connecticut has officially filed as a lobbyist for Chinese telecom company ZTE
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez @Ocasio2018 got 62% of her campaign contributions from donors giving less than $200 - giving her the highest rate of funding from small donors of any House member in the 116th Congress. by @KarlEvers1
Today, @CampaignLegal Center filed a complaint with the Justice Department, insisting that former Senator Joe Lieberman needs to register as a foreign agent under FARA for his work on behalf of a Chinese telecom company
Senate currently voting on nom of Betsy DeVos. Weve got the top recipients from her family in the Senate #DeVosvote
Sens. Cory Booker, Kirsten Gillibrand and Kamala Harris are among potential 2020 candidates who have been contacting Democratic financiers on Wall Street
Trump's CIA Director pick, is the #1 all time recipient of Industries $$#KOCH$ #TrumpTransition
BREAKING: Leaks show DNC asked White House to reward donors w/ slots on boards & commissions: via @AlecGoodwin
We've been denied press creds. by RNC, though we've had them every convention back to '96. Any other nonprofit news orgs in the same boat?
Boyfriend of alleged Russian spy Maria Butina (who agreed to plead guilty to conspiracy charges Monday) claimed to have set up a “very private line of communication” between Russia and the #Trump campaign using the #NRA
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