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New party, who dis?


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I almost missed this, from @glorgal. In the Chrétien years, opposition tormented gov't for its refusal to compensate a set of people who'd contract Hep C. Then Harper's new gov't said, We'll compensate them. 11 years later, hundreds haven't got their money https://t.co/Pr53W1OOP1
A look at the staff hired at the new Gawker, and those who are rumored to have been approached for jobs (@Laura_M_Wagner / Splinthttps://t.co/5dP0ztpdO0ehttps://t.co/yCsBF7Rf8Tr)

AMLO argues his new economic border strategy will increase investment, while reducing migration by creating new jobs for those who might otherwise try to enter the U.S.

@MexicoInstitute's Earl Anthony Wayne and Christopher E. Wilson analyze the plan: https://t.co/O3M8my1RqG
NEW: Teen who sold his kidney for an iPhone is now bedridden for life
READ MORE: https://t.co/LkDOc15G0d
The new area with a path flanked by stone monoliths will also honor those sickened or who died from exposure to toxins after the World Trade Center towers fell.

An intriguing analysis of those ubiquitous clogs "Ms. Martin compares the woman who dresses like her peer group to the bonobo ape: a female-dominant species that leaves its kin behind and bands together to form new communities to fend off male aggression." https://t.co/N0d83kt0dZ
A former Nazi concentration camp guard who spent decades living in New York City before he was deported to Germany last year has died. https://t.co/c0tOpujaZa
Proud of my BU Gastronomy Program food writing student Michelle-Marie Gilkeson, who wrote about Tibetan New Year through the eyes of a woman in Malden. https://t.co/BZ5WVcwoEQ via @BostonGlobe
@DonMartinCTV says Liberal Party insiders are overjoyed with developments in Burnaby byelection, because -- based on his sources -- it means the NDP will NOT have a new leader in next October's election.
The body of missing German tourist Monika Billen, who was last seen on New Year's Day, has been found outside of Alice Springs
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