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'90s babies, rejoice: Hot Topic is dropping a Polly Pocket-inspired collection tomorrow for her 30th anniversary https://t.co/9n2ZwwItsV
Let's cheers with peyote tea: #GraceAndFrankie has already been renewed for season 6 ahead of its season 5 premiere https://t.co/0IvEjZgCvM
We're counting down to Louis Vuitton's menswear show after taking a look at the invitations inspired by Michael Jackson https://t.co/Vd1UDKs4NX
The Cranberries released the first single from Dolores O’Riordan’s final album with them on the one-year-anniversary of her death https://t.co/d9umq01yLW
Riot grrrl forever: Bikini Kill is reuniting for three concerts this year https://t.co/EIYmAPm8BC
The #Grammys have a host. @aliciakeys will be the first black woman to host in 14 years https://t.co/IczdDqWEhq
Selena Gomez reflected on her "challenges" from last year in her first Instagram post since September https://t.co/rM9zwhgslU
Sarah Paulson, Cynthia Nixon and Sharon Stone are delivering the *drama* on Ryan Murphy's new show https://t.co/ohaMgnZSW7
Millie Bobby Brown defended Penn Badgley's character in #YouNetflix https://t.co/h94awg7vQX
Death Valley Girls on their spooky video for "Street Justice": “Everyday we wake up it feels like we are stuck in a fucking haunted house" https://t.co/VDe5Jgyo1N
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