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I did not see anyone being told it was impossible to leave/ Perhaps you have a video clip?
Looks like @twitter has given @Crypto_Bitlord a penalty time out
Do you remember when air to pump tires on your car used to be free at petrol stations? #inflation
Binance EUR/GBP exchange is now online.
NoDeal #Brexit - NO CHAOS
Jean-Marc Puissesseau, President-Chairman Boulogne-Calais Ports on Radio4 9th Jan 2019.
"For the 29th March, we will be ready for WTO There will be no delay - the trucks will be passing as they are doing today"
@oditorium https://t.co/u2F9WkWNME
So it seems that @twitter is gicing out new blue ticks but only to journalists at @bloomberg with no followers
Nepotism rules eh
@PresidentialCa9 @moved_average Because our Government do not represent the people and they want to find a way to keep us in the Union and pretend we left.
I am watching for some bullish signs of buyers around 5.68 in NCCL ... almost there
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