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Senator says "one bad email" could show House GOP allegedly worked to obstruct justice https://t.co/TKjp6j7L9x
Arizona state representative proposing $20 internet porn tax to fund border wall https://t.co/pffXeK8kOy
Trump drew up list of enemies in the White House, former aide claims https://t.co/ykqS5q1WoY
Putin "had something" on Trump and Moscow project "smacks of illicit negotiations," Senator alleges https://t.co/wQQB1NwIFp
Mormon gay conversion therapist now "choosing to pursue life" as homosexual https://t.co/g8khj96BW8
Rev. Al Sharpton criticizes President Donald Trump for not holding any events to honor Martin Luther King Jr. Day https://t.co/mw6drfCbyb
U.S. tells Russia to destroy "illegal missile" that poses "potent and direct threat" https://t.co/bBGNhbhzNw
China grants Ivanka Trump five trademarks as White House continues trade negotiations with Beijing https://t.co/mdM75a3Nj3
Donald Trump could call the 2020 election "fake news" and "refuse to leave'" office if he loses, says MSNBC panelist https://t.co/yr0O8QWK8l
Scientists who made deadly chemical weapons for ISIS still haven't been caught https://t.co/jw8N5vaTwo
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