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Arianna Huffington says to skip the gym and tuck your phone in for a better night's sleep https://t.co/Z8o68HWvHo
Russia goes to the polls: The candidates, the numbers, the chance of surprises. https://t.co/GpF1igXYJl
"Animal sacrifice" ritual busted by Texas police: report https://t.co/CXR3MO7zGi
Trump campaign firm harvested Facebook data on millions of Americans, briefed Russian oil giant https://t.co/VE2lgSEFMv
Democrat lawmakers offer sacked former FBI deputy chief McCabe a two-day job so he can collect his pension https://t.co/Afvndw1YlA
SNL mocks Jeff Sessions, firings of FBI's Andrew McCabe https://t.co/1NmaWc3AG9
Disgraced former Trump adviser Michael Flynn returns to public life, calls ex-boss "great" https://t.co/4K38TwV7ks
‘Jessica Jones’ left some clues about Season 3 https://t.co/LmNR5csoCK
Adding and inviting friends to ‘Fortnite’ mobile is really easy https://t.co/JuBvgGIcXG
Police found an AR-15 and massive ammunition cache in ex-Cornell student’s apartment near campus https://t.co/FcIE3elL8T
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