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Donald Trump helped spread fears of race war in South Africa, report reveals https://t.co/1z28nrXaQY
Ohio is considering a bill that could see abortions punishable by death https://t.co/qayKfLIbBx
Why does President Trump get away with lying? | Opinion https://t.co/Qr2FJcwCWM
Go on a 360 video tour of #HarryPotter filming locations https://t.co/SXill8SP5I
Laura Ingraham actually challenged Trump for making fun of Adam Schiff's name https://t.co/eA8ZomDzij
Ohio county GOP chairman defends deleted image saying wildfires were “God’s punishment to Liberal California” https://t.co/IMmqjRW1EX
Trump is "afraid" to visit U.S. combat troops in war zones: Report https://t.co/sLhJl9B1pF
Twitter went into meltdown after President Trump patted a horse's rear end https://t.co/a6mwrbciGH
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Pakistan summons U.S. envoy after Trump said it knew where Bin Laden was hiding https://t.co/N4oSyMhLn3
From sex robots to virtual reality, the way we are having sex is changing. Watch the documentary live from 2pm on our YouTube channel https://t.co/lUA8ofURzr
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