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Billy Bob Thornton had one reason for Angelina Jolie divorce https://t.co/pZ8ixYa9Ks
David Hogg calls for Laura Ingraham advertising boycott after "summer camp" comments https://t.co/LF5LOkRZZF
Passenger breaks airport window amid flight cancellations, police say https://t.co/58kvtpGBE8
Jim Carrey drops new cartoon depicting Donald Trump as immigrant-baby-eating monster https://t.co/aRwi8MkE7l
Man sprays snake with gas, sets house on fire https://t.co/ZckF5ok2Vl
Dried apricots in 13 states were recalled for a potential deadly allergen https://t.co/jzdulYpbHJ
Firefighters suspended for making pornography inside Ohio station https://t.co/LJ99BQN79L
Python strangles forest ranger as he poses for selfie with it wrapped around his neck https://t.co/BJnfsaFFeC
Laura Ingraham calls child detention centers "essentially summer camps," slams "faux liberal outrage" https://t.co/4ZS5uf7LlL
A former CIA employee is charged over the Vault 7 leak of classified material https://t.co/UcmScm06WR
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