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In love with this entire look @tjacobsonstyles
Tune in to @bravowwhl tonight at 11pm for all the tea with @Andy #wwhl
I'm on @BravoWWHL tomorrow night! Such a fun show, tune in to catch it!
Happy birthday @HeatherMorrisTV ! Love you girl!
Literally every year, @PTXofficial I can't hide my feels. I'm always SO in! It ain't Christmas without the @PTXofficial special!

The Most Relevant

So excited for @ddlovato to join our cast! Wonder what we'll get up to in NYC!
Excited Heather is back for episode 100! And tonight on Glee it's Christmas!! In honor of both here's a #TBT
Early morning at work with the one and only Finn Hudson
Oh and tonight on Glee it's DANTANA bitches!!!
First comes love… then comes marriage... then comes...
My girlfriend @ddlovato just bought my boyfriends album. #HallOfFame
Wrapped a long day at Glee. Had the best time filming with @ddlovato see ya tomorrow!
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