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🚨Giuliani is doubling down on his claim that the Trump Tower Moscow negotiations lasted until Nov 2016.
If true, Trump was secretly trying to strike a multimillion $ deal with Moscow even after FBI warned him of the counterintel threat posed by Russia.
NEW: In a shift, Dems will not necessarily wait for Mueller's findings to launch impeachment proceedings, I'm told. Barr's refusal to commit to publicizing Mueller's findings combined w/Trump potentially suborning perjury has created new sense of urgency. https://t.co/RrdSaP6p8i
Mueller has receipts... "The special counsel’s office learned about Trump’s directive for Cohen to lie to Congress through interviews with multiple witnesses from the Trump Org and internal company emails, text messages, and a cache of other documents." https://t.co/OgxaFjSrfH
A similar bill, called the NATO Support Act, was introduced in the House today by Dem Rep. Jimmy Panetta. Co-sponsored by 5 Dems and 5 Republicans, including Reps. Hurd, Upton, Kinzinger, Don Bacon & Mike Gallagherhttps://t.co/08Qzk410Te
A New Right-Wing Smear Campaign Targets a Former FBI Official to Distract From Russia Scandal https://t.co/VuvWjxOQtA via @DavidCornDC
Joining @hardball at 7:15 to discuss the secrecy surrounding Trump’s meetings and calls with Putin @MSNBC
When asked about the emoluments clause yesterday, Attorney General nominee Bill Barr said: "I couldn’t even tell you what it says.”https://t.co/u6Z9HH88wa
sanctions on Deripaska himself will remain, but will be lifted on his companies.
lol, the little quirks of working at @TheAtlantic
Acting AG Matt Whitaker, speaking at the Heritage Foundation, says he thinks Barr did "exceptionally well" at his confirmation hearing yesterday. "I will be happy to hand him the keys to a well-oiled machine at the Department of Justice."
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