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The 99-million-year-old snake is the first of its kind
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Kilauea has been erupting nearly constantly since 1983, but the eruption that started in May is “unprecedented in modern times” https://t.co/ah0HUDKgcM
Nice fish may not finish last, but they may be more likely to get caught https://t.co/rR4dRS9Ogl
Lemurs use their accidental "gardens" as a living space, nursery, and food source https://t.co/wesQO5EvlP
A whale breaches near Alaska's Chilkat Range in this well timed shot captured by photographer Kyle Aiton https://t.co/ylkRCDGeqT
The device, unveiled today, is intended to help scientists catch elusive ocean dwellers, collect data, and let them go unharmed https://t.co/vjsEAP9L4W
The delicate baby snake, remarkably well-preserved for 99 million years, is the first of its kind ever found fossilized in amber https://t.co/M0ndnSmBhX
These sharks are far more fascinating than fearsome https://t.co/YwxOrLncTh
The AMA is now live! Start submitting your questions here: https://t.co/TtqFhliGez
What happens when we go to sleep? And why can't we get enough of it? @MikeFinkel will have the answers on a @reddit AMA today at 12pm EST
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