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The animal world is full of creative ways to find and capture a meal https://t.co/X1ilmG1rrI
Those who visit feel the hectic energy of a big city but with a warmth akin to southern hospitality https://t.co/kZrMy06nax
Sea cucumbers are found on seafloors worldwide, but some of them don't just lay there. New research reveals they're actually high-speed travelers https://t.co/ko7zZIEwCj
The red hills of north-central India supply the world with rose-colored Dholpur sandstone—but the men there are dying young and at an alarming rate https://t.co/feorrfjag6
Describing that moment as a dad "giving a talk to his youngster," photographer Kevin Dooley captured this image in Johannesburg, South Africa https://t.co/NPnOsFD3mU
As people across the planet watched the lunar eclipse last weekend, some lucky observers saw something else: the flash of a space rock striking the lunar orb https://t.co/z5ZipTUBFN
Koalas can eat pounds of eucalyptus leaves each day without getting sick—even though the toxic leaves are inedible to basically every other living thing https://t.co/DJbwOmtgML
The Attwater prarie chicken has been on the verge of extinction for decades. One man finally figured out what's been killing them https://t.co/Rz4QeaL1DA
When ancient land-dwelling mammals returned to the sea, they lost a gene—a gene that scientists discovered provides a crucial defense against a nasty class of pesticide https://t.co/QR9Lzejjh0
The violin has been around since as early as the 9th century, but most historians agree that today’s violin emerged in the early 16th century in northern Italy https://t.co/AthQobA4yz
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