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see it footage of a man steals a van on myrtle ave and skillman street in williamsburg and crashed into cars t
SEE IT: footage of a Man steals A van on Myrtle Ave and Skillman Street in Williamsburg and crashed into cars, then fled the scene. The driver was arrested. By and

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the notorious mexican drug kingpin joaquin el chapo guzman has been sentenced to life behind bars in a us pri
#BREAKING : The notorious Mexican drug kingpin Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman has been sentenced to life behind bars in a U.S. prison#fox5dc
trump claims hes not a racist just like nixon claimed he wasnt a crook
Trump claims he’s not a racist, just like Nixon claimed he wasn’t a crook
The Hill
green we have the opportunity to punish trump with impeachment vote
Green: "We have the opportunity to punish" Trump with impeachment vote
Ariel Helwani
happy 11th birthday hows taste my peepee where has the time gone thank you for this andreiarlovski
Happy 11th birthday, How’s taste my peepee! Where has the time gone? Thank you for this, @andreiarlovski.
NBC News
footage from the nbc archives shows donald trump and jeffrey epstein discussing women at 1992 party
Footage from the NBC archives shows Donald Trump and Jeffrey Epstein discussing women at 1992 party.
? Kim
@kim 1 hour
95 of americans agree that eric trump is trash
95% of Americans agree that Eric Trump is trash.
The New York Times
the louvre in paris has removed the name of the sackler family from its walls becoming the first major museum
The Louvre in Paris has removed the name of the Sackler family from its walls, becoming the first major museum to erase its public association with the philanthropist family linked with the opioid crisis in the U.S.
@ANI 27 minutes
harish salve i have a degree of personal satisfaction that a lot of adjectives were used by pakistan even in r
Harish Salve: I have a degree of personal satisfaction that a lot of adjectives were used by Pakistan, even in replying at court I characterise them as unfortunate. I said it's my upbringing & India's tradition which stood in my way of replying to them in that language. #ICJ
The Hill
chris cuomo what would you do if the president said i am a racist kris kobach then i would not defend him b c
Chris Cuomo: "What would you do if the President said, 'I am a racist'?"

Kris Kobach: "Then I would not defend him b/c there's no excuse for racism in America."

Cuomo: "Would you still support him as President?"

Kobach: "Um, I don't know. That'd be a really tough question."
@ajplus 2 hours
the number of people suffering from hunger went up in 2018 says the un 1 in 9 people 822 million didn t have e
The number of people suffering from hunger went up in 2018, says the UN.

1 in 9 people (822 million) didn't have enough to eat.

Hunger is rising in Africa, Latin America and the Middle East. The major causes are conflict and climate change.
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