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Latest Scoops

Amazon reportedly promises 25 to 55 cent hourly raises to employees after complaints of poor working conditions https://t.co/fUpAFMNubk
New law outlaws the leasing of pets in New York https://t.co/C18r1c7KGF
SEE IT: Baby spotted crawling across New Jersey road by passing driver, may have escaped out an open door https://t.co/xskmI2v8IN
Federal judge hints he'll dismiss Stormy Daniels' defamation lawsuit against President Trump over his 'con job' tweet https://t.co/WH7lF330sS
Massachusetts woman attacked by shark during vacation in the Bahamas https://t.co/gZJuSYQ2Df
Disney redraws Princess Tiana in 'Wreck-It Ralph' sequel amid whitewashing claims https://t.co/NqrElBhoiv
Mayor de Blasio dodges questions on secret dossier he kept on city's top watchdog https://t.co/8eaYcb0JJe
Woman punched by cop during New Jersey beach arrest indicted for aggravated assault of a police officer https://t.co/OP1GfreukM
Florida Democrat running for House of Representatives dies suddenly https://t.co/kdHkARbWM9
'Star Wars' producer Gary Kurtz dies at 78 https://t.co/aKeqGiv8Ly
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