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Lawsuit filed against Pennsylvania diocese alleges abuse by defrocked priest named in probe https://t.co/NI60yki7d8
Wisconsin school, police looking into photo that appears to show students giving Nazi salutes https://t.co/E0WTGI922K
Why not firing Todd Bowles mid-season is right call (simmer down, Jets fans) https://t.co/ov9JtflpB0
Brush fire erupts along freeway in Southern California https://t.co/4opzeOmSku
Parkland parent outraged after suspected school shooter Nikolas Cruz registers to vote while behind bars https://t.co/DfpkZNB9Zy
NFL Hall of Famer accuses pizza chain of racial discrimination https://t.co/z3eap9fzFw
Look back at the life and career of comic book legend Stan Lee https://t.co/DXKfkfLNhj
Black security guard apprehends barroom shooter only to be killed by police responding to the scene https://t.co/hZ4aKMKqPp
Comic book legends, fans mourn the death of Stan Lee https://t.co/Non0Ig6z8R
Marine accused of killing wife following military ball in Virginia, claims he blacked out https://t.co/8G3vvic2FN
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