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Official Twitter account for the National Weather Service in Great Falls, covering North Central and Southwest Montana. Details:

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New Weather Graphic Issued: Blowing Snow Issues. More info at #mtwx
For the latest on road conditions, definitely check out @mdtroadreport for the latest updates on accidents, closures, and severe driving conditions.
950 AM: Cold front has brought strong winds, snow, and 1/4 mile or less visibility to the Great Falls area. these poor conditions will continue across central and northern Montana this morning. Snow and blowing snow could then linger into the afternoon and push southward. #mtwx
Yesterdays official high temp in MT was 33 at Thompson Falls. This mornings low was -21 at Poplar 13ne. #mtwx
A cold front will bring snow and blowing snow on Saturday. Snow could then continue across the central and south on Sunday. Widespread snow is then possible for Monday possibly into Tuesday. Check out our latest Situation Report for all the details: #mtwx
805 AM: Reports of blizzard like conditions are coming from northern Montana as a cold front moves through. Anyone traveling from about Great Falls northward to Canada should be careful or consider delaying travel plans. #mtwx
Here is one model's depiction of how snow may evolve today into this evening across the Northern Rockies region. Snow is likely at times along & south of I-90 in southwest #Montana, with steady light snow possible for several hours around the Great Falls & Havre areas also. #mtwx
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Snow will be piling up over portions of central and SW MT through early next weak as a series of moist Pacific weather disturbances bring periods of accumulating snowfall to the region. #mtwx

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Mother nature decided to go from summer straight to winter across the mountains of SW and NC Montana. Photo from Great Divide. #mtwx
Interesting atmospheric refraction phenomena observed this morning across the Bozeman Valley. This is a mirage called a "Fata Morgana", or "looming". This occurs due to a strong temp inversion of warmer air above much colder air creating a "stretched" image of far away objects.
Yes...The date and time are accurate. Light accumulating snow in the Little Belt Mountains on July 3rd. Remember this image when we are approaching 100 deg F on Friday! Will it be a white 4th of July? (Image courtesy of Showdown Montana Ski Resort) #MTwx #IndependenceDayInMT
8:30am. Difficult conditions in Havre early this morning. Widespread power outage. Snow is ending. Photo courtesy Ann Kulczyk #mtwx
8:23am - If planning to travel over mountain passes in central Montana this morning, here is a view of what to prepare for. #mtwx
Fort Belknap saw an 81 degree temperature change yesterday with a morning low temperature of 37 below zero followed by an afternoon maximum temperature of 45 (above zero). #mtwx #chinook
5pm: Big, wet snowflakes falling at East Glacier, Two Medicing Bridge.
And, there it is. Snow has started over Rogers Pass! Several inches expected at/above pass level through Friday night. Drive safely. #mtwx
Smoke plume from Reynolds Creek fire in Glacier National Park as seen on visible satellite imagery this eve. #mtwx
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