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Ann Amato had always worried about her adult son, Tony, having a gun inside their cafe. But when a deranged man with a knife chased a woman into Amato's cafe and then violently stormed the restaurant, all she could think was "thank God [Tony] had a gun.” https://t.co/drip1VTeKO
#WISCONSIN: Gov. Evers and Attorney General Kaul are already trying to pass gun control that would allow #2A rights to be stripped away without due process. Visit https://t.co/06IRG1K1p8 to remind your legislators to OPPOSE any gun control schemes.
2/2 When police are 30 minutes away, you are in charge of defending your life... #2A https://t.co/xuVYhHakaJ
1/2 Jayme Closs was abducted after her parents were killed. Months later, she escaped and found refuge with neighbors. Being in rural WI, police were 30 mins away and told them to stand by the door armed and ready should her kidnapper come looking for her. https://t.co/xuVYhHakaJ
#ArmedCitizen: A Plainfield, Connecticut man was awakened at 2 A.M. to masked and armed men kicking in his door. The man quickly grabbed his firearm, and when one of the criminals fired a shot, the homeowner fired back, causing the home invaders to flee. https://t.co/JhcrrEozYg
Handguns are already exhaustively regulated in #Canada as either “restricted” or “prohibited” firearms. Canadian gun control groups aren’t satisfied and are now fighting to eliminate all private ownership of handguns. https://t.co/xfMhNG7Tne
The “Assault Weapons Ban of 2019," introduced earlier this week, is Sen. Feinstein's latest attack on #2A. This bill promises more banning, more restrictions, more requirements, and more self-congratulatory and deluded rhetoric. https://t.co/ZjitakVCMX
We already know that so-called "universal" background checks will be worthless because criminals don't comply with the law – it's common sense. Need more proof? A newly released survey from the Department of Justice shows how criminals get their guns. https://t.co/gNSIHlZmRh
A journalist wrote about how media coverage affects shooters. The writer looked at multiple studies to examine whether “copycat” behavior was possible. Takeaway? Newspapers publish far more photos of killers than victims – by a ratio of 16 to 1. https://t.co/atHhb1kG7r
.@FeldEnt, the company that owns @MonsterJam, appears to have quietly given into anti-gun extremists and the overly #PC. Without much fanfare, they have changed the names of their trucks that have reference to firearms, and removed any images of guns. https://t.co/lVAZBzu12E
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