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just in democrats on the house oversight committee have released an interim report based on multiple whistlebl
Just In: Democrats on the House Oversight Committee have released an interim report based on multiple whistleblowers who say the Trump administration is rushing to transfer sensitive U.S. nuclear technology to Saudi Arabia in violation of federal law.
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Dana Loesch
im glad mueller made it official that trump didnt do all the stuff clinton actually did
I’m glad Mueller made it official that Trump didn’t do all the stuff Clinton actually did.
World Music Awards
drops 1st teaser for s hugely anticipated comeback out 20190405
#Lisa drops 1st teaser for #BLACKPINK's hugely anticipated comeback #KillThisLove, out ✅ 2019.04.05!🔫❤️ 💃💃💃💃👑 @ygofficialblink
XXL Magazine
@XXL 2 hours
young thug and gunna in the studio
Young Thug and Gunna in the studio 👀
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Madison Beer
grateful for those i can lean on
grateful for those i can lean on... 🖤
k pop legend kangta has successfully wrapped up his japanese fanmeeting blooming day on the 24th selling out a
‘K-Pop Legend’ KANGTA has successfully wrapped up his Japanese fanmeeting ‘Blooming Day’ on the 24th, selling out all tickets for the two-time-show!

#KANGTA #강타 #BloomingDay
SBS PopAsia
happy first anniversary to straykids straykids1stanniversary
Gentleman Tips ?
5 things to free yourself from anger it breeds hatred greed it makes you selfish regret it brings sorrow self
5 Things to Free Yourself From:

Anger: it breeds hatred.

Greed: it makes you selfish.

Regret: it brings sorrow.

Self-pity: it causes lack of self-confidence.

Worry: it leads to a stagnant life
Dana Loesch
all the people who kept tweeting mueller is coming
All the people who kept Tweeting "mUeLlEr Is CoMiNg"
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World Music Awards
s brand new compilation album 2 tops the global chart this week with equivalent sales of 210000 1
#TWICE 's brand new compilation Album#TWICE2 2 tops the Global chart this week with equivalent sales of 210,000!
MYX Philippines
new era you ready
New era, you ready?
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