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10 minutes
When she returns home, Peggy Whitson will have spent more than 650 days in space https://t.co/RpstxPcjC1
15 minutes
President Donald Trump: Golfer in chief https://t.co/e0CStq6W3E
President Donald Trump: Golfer in chief https://t.co/e0CStq6W3E
40 minutes
A company wants hearing aids to look like stylish fashion accessories and be bought at your local pharmacy https://t.co/D3MJJySU9v
1 hour
Congress returns Tuesday from its spring recess, facing yet another down-to-the-wire spate of deal making https://t.co/RwfkvNF6LW
1 hour
Astronaut Peggy Whitson Sets New NASA Record For Most Days In Space https://t.co/TXmntxQSHr
2 hours
Allegations of computer hacking and questions of political interference and payouts: The other Fox News scandal https://t.co/hjb80Tz4J7
2 hours
North Korea Threatens To Sink U.S. Carrier; China Urges Restraint https://t.co/rCEKlRjVTa
3 hours
At issue at SCOTUS is whether an indigent defendant is entitled to assistance from a mental health expert witness https://t.co/HiJNq6VDyA
3 hours
Top Stories: Government Shutdown Looms; Murdochs Seek European Broadcaster https://t.co/wub4ygBooX
3 hours
Whether or not science is partisan or political, the perception of science often is https://t.co/Pxcw6vU2ys
4 hours
With any new president, there's a learning curve. But for President Trump, it's been steeper than others https://t.co/QGT3RCByU6
4 hours
Fact check: The MS-13 gang started in the United States and has been present in this country for about three decades https://t.co/JB0iTZlEnJhttps://t.co/5w3Q0LD9s7
4 hours
For Fox News and the Murdochs, there is a quieter scandal hiding in plain sight https://t.co/hjb80Tz4J7
5 hours
Mona Haydar's first rap song "Hijabi" calls for women to be "unapologetic about who they are."
7 hours
With student debt at a staggering $1.3 trillion, many families are facing a huge financial dilemma.
7 hours
NYPD Deems Judge's Death 'Suspicious' After Leaning Toward Suicide https://t.co/vdcr1w4E1K
8 hours
At 100 Days: Without political, military or government experience, experts argue Trump's faced setbacks as a result https://t.co/CLNwfQN0Gh
10 hours
Whatever historians ultimately write on his scorecard, Trump may be the best golfer ever to take the Oval Office. https://t.co/BPt585hwNL
11 hours
Moran shot to fame in 1974 after she was cast as the younger sister to Ron Howard's character in "Happy Days."
13 hours
Last year in Nigeria, more than 1,400 people died in conflicts between cattle herders and farmers.
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