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NCAA Baseball
building a dream cws
building a dream cws
Building a dream...

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Bleacher Report
shaq is always with the vibes via killthenoise
Shaq is always with the vibes 🤟

(Via @killthenoise)
AFC Ajax
see you soon welcome alvarez with vamosedson
See you soon! 😍🇲🇽

Welcome Álvarez with ❌❌❌!

Chicago Cubs
@Cubs 15 minutes
four runs please teamrizzo everybodyin
Four runs, please.

#TeamRizzo #EverybodyIn
james harden will not play with team usa this summer to prepare for changes with rockets per jonathanfeigen
James Harden will not play with Team USA this summer to "prepare for changes with Rockets" per, @Jonathan_Feigen.
Daniel Dale
trump today i can t imagine anybody ever even thinking of using the debt ceiling as a negotiating wedge trump
Trump today: "I can't imagine anybody ever even thinking of using the debt ceiling as a negotiating wedge." Trump in 2012:
Steven Gerrard
good luck to sadio mane and senegal in tonights afcon2019 final
🙏 | Good luck to Sadio Mané and Senegal in tonights #AFCON2019 final! 🏆🇸🇳
Soledad O'Brien
unpopular opinion at least among journalists ivanka doesnt weigh in on sht about her father the president she
Unpopular opinion (at least among journalists):

Ivanka doesn’t weigh in on sh*t about her father, the President.

She does however, have a number of journalists on speed-dial, and makes sure the second-day story is always “... but Ivanka pushed back...”
Danai Gurira
see you in hall h sdcc twdfamily comiccon
See you in Hall H! #SDCC #TWDFamily #ComicCon
Bleacher Report
shaiglalex putting in the work in open runs okc is going to be fun via coreyporter
.@shaiglalex putting in the work in open runs

OKC is going to be fun 🍿

(via @corey__porter)
Rockstar Games
the diamond casino amp resort is opening soon experience excellence explore what the diamond has to offer at
The Diamond Casino & Resort is opening soon. Experience excellence.

Explore what The Diamond has to offer at
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