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Government shutdown: Where you can start finding help.


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In Alabama, the offers for help for furloughed government employees are coming in from many sources.

Here are some resources for workers during the shutdown. https://t.co/5CJEJaLiVZ
Sen. Chuck Schumer is pushing legislation that would protect government workers who can't pay their bills because of the government shutdown https://t.co/Y3izKmFTIk
Holly Willoughby unveils her jaw-dropping black dress on #DancingonIce - but where can you pick up the stunning outfit for yourself? https://t.co/3rdBycFsqP
Was your flight delayed 3h+? Regarding EU regulation, we can help you to claim up to 600 EUR on https://t.co/GGQnvUAbrs
A woman who fled a violent relationship for help 100 miles away was ready to move out of a shelter and into a trailer. But the government shutdown scuttled her plans to start a new life. https://t.co/Q3LT0olA05
It's a good day to be snowed in (or sleeted/iced in, depending on where you are).

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And thank @enosarriss for the small bit of help you provided me for my story, proof that the Rebel Alliance and the Galactic Empire can reach across the bounds of space and be friends. (Eno, I am NOT your father.)
Can you help us find Hayley Bradley? She is originally from #Manchester but she was last seen in #Birmingham on 12 January and has links to #Aberdeen in #Scotland. Call 0161 856 3734 or 0161 856 4024. https://t.co/5U4zVDCFq8
Help out your firefighters: Buried in fire hydrants can costs crews valuable seconds when they show up to put out a fire. If you have a hydrant near your house, please shovel around it. https://t.co/VBqlKvZCog
Are you a military spouse or retiree affected by the shutdown? Here are some options if you need help. https://t.co/57mmlLM8hI
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