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NEW @The2RobbiesNBC PODCAST: Man City comeback to win, while Liverpool draw at home | #MCFC #LFC #VAR #PLinUSA #UCL
Comparing Sarri's first Premier League campaign to Guardiola. #CFC #MCFC
McCall Zerboni is so dedicated to her soccer career that she once hawked random products to beachgoers in Southern California to make ends meet. #USWNT
Sometimes, soccer players can be accused of being too disconnected from the fans who travel across their country to support their side. But not Pontus Jansson. #Leeds #Malmo
A legendary rivalry deserves some legendary goals, and these are 5 of the best between Manchester United and Liverpool 🔥
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Premier League players will only have 90 days between the end of the prior season to the start of the 2019-2020 campaign. #PLinUSA
Premier League action is back in our lives tomorrow... get ready for it with @JPW_NBCSports' 3 Things to Know!
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The Most Relevant

GOAL OF 2017 Already?!! Olivier Giroud scores an outerworldly goal to put Arsenal ahead of Crystal Palace!
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Words can't even describe how good Mkhitaryan's goal was. So just watch it. #MUFC #PLonNBC
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OH WHAT A GOAL! Andros Townsend take a bow! 🚀
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"It's a cancer, Rebecca. And cancers unless you stay on top of them, unless you are vigilant, will come back, and it's starting to creep into English football. And it's such a shame."

Rebecca Lowe and Robbie Earle have an honest discussion about racism in football.
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Anthony Martial all on his own! What a goal!
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