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WATCH: This London zip line is touted as fastest in a major city center. @KeirSimmons reports. https://t.co/rJALaHNk9O
A majority of Americans fear another war in the next four years. https://t.co/Ig03qMyOxO
Jamie Nieto, a two-time American Olympian injured in a backflip accident last year, made good on a vow to walk at his wedding in San Diego.
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WATCH: Everyday, Venezuela's 'Green Helmets' risk their lives to treat those on both sides of the nation’s conflict in the streets.
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"Dementia has taken a little bit more of her away," said Joey Daley of his mother’s battle with the disease. https://t.co/PfdLWpt284
WATCH: Link between poor sleep and increased dementia risk, research shows. @DrJohnTorres reports. https://t.co/NB0TXFvEso
PROGRAM UPDATE: For our U.S. viewers, we will have a LIVE full broadcast of Nightly News on https://t.co/5uPfjfRYJk at 6:30pm ET.
Exclusive: Inside the elite counterterror police unit that protects New York City against attacks. https://t.co/tHDDNJPNjZ @LesterHoltNBC
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What is a glioblastoma? A brain tumor is a mass of abnormal cells growing in the brain. https://t.co/aYJsC0n8mN
Astronauts hail from small towns and big cities, from the ranks of the military, academia, industry, and medicine. https://t.co/cotsqwWDCF
Eight people were found dead and 17 with life-threatening injuries in the back of a packed and overheated 18 wheeler.https://t.co/AO9bQq0NKD
“It makes me ill [to watch other people tan],” she says. “Please stop frying your skin.” https://t.co/ZhjcaI95iX
The older couple met at church, and eventually developed a loving relationship. https://t.co/zXIecxCE8z
After 18-day-old Mariana died from meningitis, her parents warn others not to let adults handle their babies. https://t.co/Qfo4Gr00kX
Yemen's cholera epidemic has become deadly, with over 332,000 infected and at least 1,740 killed. https://t.co/s4kq9bncJD
The daughter of a couple that went missing 75 years ago finds some peace in their discovery. https://t.co/nY4P85PyZn
Terror attacks and deaths declined worldwide for a second year, US State Dept. report says. https://t.co/VvtdwEJRV7
WATCH: In an exclusive interview with NBC News, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said the U.S. presence in Syria was illegitimate.
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Pres. Trump’s claims of adding 45,000 mining jobs are under scrutiny. https://t.co/HpBqLehMmB
WATCH: Nolan Stilwell runs Sweet Heat Jam, a successful brand whose team is made up entirely of young adults with disabilities.
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