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Latest Scoops

Lawyer for second Kavanaugh accuser says Republicans refuse to talk. https://t.co/7WlvYRnCB9
Daytona Beach police officer arrives just in time to see suspect toss man from bridge, into water 30 feet below. https://t.co/7ldCvOiknA
'Sons of Anarchy' actor dead at 48 https://t.co/bdjYeqWqzt
"'I don’t see color’ is really a way of saying ‘I refuse to acknowledge your reality,'" Robin DiAngelo says for @NBCNewsTHINK https://t.co/lr60PNpwbO
.@morningmika gives practical advice for women looking to succeed: “Now more than ever, I think women need to have their voice and own it." https://t.co/bms7rkLFYn

More about books seen on @TODAYshow -> https://t.co/XWHITSsRoG
Opinion | Daniel Shapiro: Trump’s U.N. speech proves the president has no idea what patriotism means (corrects to add link) https://t.co/LWkapYmHuw
GOP hires female attorney to question Kavanaugh's sexual assault accuser https://t.co/TFRCt4IImc
Michelle Chen: "The opioid epidemic isn’t just about drugs; it’s a symptom of a slower-burning crisis of community instability and eroding social service systems." via @NBCNewsTHINK https://t.co/8qL1lBIaT7
John Clune, attorney for second woman who has accused Judge Kavanaugh of sexual misconduct, says Republicans on the Judiciary Committee are giving her the runaround. https://t.co/cr9Bfjdjx1
Venezuela's leader brands Trump a 'coward' after first lady is hit with sanctions https://t.co/j7P0CQvF9O
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