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'Hotel Transylvania 3' tops box office as 'Skyscraper' tumbles https://t.co/HZZ7MUOerT
Black farmers file lawsuit alleging company sold them "inferior" seeds on purpose https://t.co/HnaPeeaQQ1
A Chicano renaissance? The term is experiencing a revival among young Mexican-Americans https://t.co/XRIU0PZTnY via @NBCLatino
Analysis: As President Trump meets Putin, will we finally see "the art of the deal"? https://t.co/DsfDrfrOpm
For some, recycling is about being environmentally conscious. For others, like Juan, plastic bottles and aluminum cans are a means to survival. https://t.co/fUNE4IpW3J Via @NBCLeftField
.@NBCNewsBETTER: How to get the most out of tomorrow's Amazon Prime Day — without overspending https://t.co/a8Yuq3MeMS
As gene pools shrink to gene puddles, scientists at the San Diego Zoo are trying to protect endangered animals by freezing their cells and using technology to bring threatened species back from the brink of extinction https://t.co/ELHQZ2GOuT
U.S. ambassador to Russia downplays expectations for Trump-Putin meeting in Helsinki https://t.co/jsToZhvRxD
Car-sharing, bike-sharing and now … scooter-sharing?

As commuters look to solve the problem of last-mile travel, startups hope their scooter businesses will be the solution https://t.co/bszj64adHA
Pussy Riot upstages Putin with protest that halts World Cup https://t.co/XSiXaUXftz
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