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Latest Scoops

Here’s what the Duchess of Sussex’s coat of arms symbolizes https://t.co/2M2OeF1ZsD - @TODAYshow
President Trump adds 15,000 work visas. But is it too late for shell-shocked crabbers on Hoopers Island? https://t.co/N54ewQhw1m
Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani says White House wants briefing on classified Russia investigation info. https://t.co/IL9qrQXSYH
Ani Bundel: "Solo: A Star Wars Story' is a great show but a terrible film. https://t.co/PfW0lTcON7 - @NBCNewsTHINK
"I miss not seeing him." For these Latino Gold Star families, it's always Memorial Day. https://t.co/ECnrxRdzsp - @NBCLatino
Ireland repeals abortion ban by a landslide as "quiet revolution" transforms country. https://t.co/YapafulaSo
BREAKING: Ireland votes to repeal strict ban on abortion, election official confirms.
Congress sounds bipartisan alarm as President Trump deals on ZTE https://t.co/JxZLVcVPhO
North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and South Korean President Moon Jae-in embrace after their surprise second summit in the DMZ. (Yonhap via AP) https://t.co/5HSHq9HzIK
As one of America's most accomplished astronauts, Peggy Whitson explains how leaving Earth made her appreciate it all the more. https://t.co/tjdEMF3OYs - @NBCNewsTech
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